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CEO at LeadGid runs a flourishing online business with a woman’s touch

Today we have an exceptional guest, Ksenia Kostina, CEO, and founder of LeadGid, Russia’s biggest financial affiliate network. She is a real professional and has several successful businesses. Today Ksenia is going to talk about the ins and outs of running a financial affiliate network and how LeadGid generates an astonishing number of 700 000 leads a day.

Affiliate marketing is considered to be a male-dominated field, but is it sexist?

Ksenia gave us her opinion on that and refuted a notion that girls cannot be professional affiliates.

Affiliate networks are considered to be unattractive for investors, but Ksenia told us how to make them more appealing from an investor’s perspective.

She also described why it is important to have a personal relationship with your clients and how you can make sure that your affiliate network is the best one.

She told us how she single-handedly saved the company from total failure and ensured that it became a lucrative online business.

She gave us her opinion on what you should know to make money while running financial offers and what is required of affiliates whether they are beginners or experienced ones.

700 000 leads a day in finance. How do they do it? And most importantly, how do they convert?

How regulations are making the affiliate industry better.


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