19 February 2024
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Why Cash Agents Are Essential for Online Casinos?

Who are cash agents?

For many in the gaming industry, cash agents are a familiar term, but not everyone fully comprehends their role. While the responsibilities and earnings of affiliate marketers are well-known, cash agents are an entity of their own.

In essence, cash agents play a vital role in facilitating financial transactions for players, offering convenience, security, and an additional revenue stream for both online casinos and themselves. 

Mobile cash agents serve as intermediaries between online casinos and physical locations where players can pay in cash. 

They enable players to deposit or withdraw cash without relying on a bank account or digital wallet. By providing a familiar and streamlined transaction process, cash agents help casinos appeal to a broader audience, including those more accustomed to traditional payment methods. 

How much do cash agents earn?

Mobile cash agents typically earn a fee for each transaction they facilitate. The commission rate may vary based on transaction amount, frequency, and the terms agreed upon between the agent and the online casino.

Some online casinos incentivize cash agents with volume bonuses, encouraging them to process more transactions. 

Additionally, online casinos often establish affiliate programs with mobile cash agents, offering extra perks and bonuses based on their performance and player engagement. These programs foster a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties thrive.

Let’s face it, the industry currently lacks this type of specialized role. If affiliate marketing itself is gaining traction, this vital niche is still lacking professionals. So, what’s our point here?

If you’ve been contemplating making money with casinos and possess the necessary skills and are interested in the role, then we would love to see you as our cash agent! 1xSlots Partners is actively seeking cash agents, regardless of your location — what matters most is that you can reach players!

What do we offer? 

Experience and professionalism.

We bring years of industry expertise and professionalism to the table, ensuring top-notch entertainment for players and lucrative earning opportunities for agents.


You’ll receive ongoing support from a dedicated manager who will assist you in honing your skills and advancing in your role.

Transparency and honesty.


Our deposit and withdrawal processes are transparent and straightforward. We prioritize honesty to ensure pure profit for all parties involved. 

What does an agent get from 1xSlots? 

RevShare of up to 45% on deposits and commissions on deposits and withdrawals, serving as a significant source of income from your client database.

How do I become an agent? 

Becoming an agent with us is a simple and transparent process: 

  1. Fill out the form on our website: 1xslotsagent.shop/ru/#advantages 
  2. Log in and make a deposit into your account, guided by our manager every step of the way. 
  3. Install the agent application for seamless management.
  4. Now you need to run one more account setup, this time it’s to contact your players. After all, you can’t earn without a customer account!
  5. Now you’re all set to start earning!

For more details about working with us, visit our website: 1xslotsagent.shop/ru/#advantages

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