We’re excited to share a new success story from one of our partners!

14 September 2023
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It’s truly rewarding when partners and clients can consistently earn and achieve financial goals together. We’re excited to share a new success story from one of our successful partners who has been collaborating with us for over 3 years.


This partner offers trading signals to his clients, earning a fixed fee for the services provided. And that’s not all – our affiliate program is a great addition to the partner’s income stream. In fact, our partners often find they can earn even more through our affiliate program than they would from a one-time fee for VIP group access, where clients receive trading ideas.


In the screenshot below, you’ll see a group of successful clients who have collectively earned a remarkable $373,708 during the entire period of time. They consistently generate profits from their trading activity, contributing to the partner’s success. Speaking of which, thanks to our affiliate program, the partner has already earned over $100,000 in affiliate rewards. And this year alone, he has already turned in a $9,567 profit from the trading volume of just these four clients.

We’re excited to share a new success story from one of our partners!

And the best thing is you can achieve the same! Join our global affiliate network, which boasts over 3,000 partners worldwide, and start earning a stable income with your clients at AMarkets!


The timing couldn’t be better – by joining the AMarkets affiliate program now, you’ll have a chance to enter a raffle draw, win cash prizes and reap the maximum benefits right from the start. Every partner stands a chance to win!

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