21 November 2022
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The Beginner’s Journey: How a PR Manager Started Affiliate Marketing. Part 1. Introduction


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The Beginner's Journey: How a PR Manager Started Affiliate Marketing. Part 1. Introduction

I’m Victoria, a.k.a. PRfire Vi — a curious PR manager with superpowers in a non-stop search for content and collabs from the PR and Marketing Squad of the AdCombo Universe. For nearly 3 years now, I’ve been vigilantly seeking out useful information for you and producing relevant articles, and posts that help you complete niche challenges or learn something new. 

Practical experience and expertise are important ingredients in writing effective articles. So I decided to take a stab at immersing myself into severe affiliate marketing and having a new trial role as an affiliate. Experiencing all the joys of CPA marketing, I’ll try  not to give up to write a neat case study with my findings, thoughts, and impressions included.

Being around this niche as a person of any associated specialty, but not working directly with traffic means that sooner or later you’ll have an inevitable desire to step at least one foot into this unknown territory. To expand your horizons. And, of course, being driven by the interest to learn better what you work with every day. I’d like to go through the same processes and worries that our affiliates do to better understand how to satisfy the information hunger of true affs and to share the same troubles and pleasures with them.

Starting a new project is always thrilling. Starting an activity that you’ve already heard a million stories about (not always positive) gives you confidence on one side, since you don’t run into the unknown. On the other side — the thrill grows slightly in that way, as I already know the possible outcomes and difficulties, so I just need to wait and see which side I will be brought to. 

I’ll be very thankful for your support, that I have witnessed numerous times in our community. It is very inspiring! That is why I believe that no matter where my experiment may take me, everything will go as it should, and even if something doesn’t, in the end, it’ll turn out to be beneficial.

Be supportive with your comments, likes, memes, quotes by the greats, or funny emojis. Any support at the beginning of the journey helps a lot.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep it on soon!

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