Jogo do Bicho-Inspired Game Arrives at PIN-UP Casino

30 October 2023
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Jogo do Bicho, often referred to as “The Animal Game,” has been an iconic fixture in Brazil’s gambling scene. Its origins can be traced back to the late 19th century when an innovative zoo owner introduced a lottery where participants tried to guess the animal concealed behind a curtain. Over time, this game incorporated a unique combination: animals plus numbers. Participants can either place a bet on a number or its corresponding animal.

Throughout the years, this game is deeply rooted into Brazilian folklore, becoming enveloped in various myths and superstitions. To say that Jogo do Bicho is deeply entrenched in Brazilian culture would be an understatement. In a nation where soccer is nearly synonymous with religion, only the adrenaline of a World Cup final surpasses the exhilaration tied to the regular announcement of Jogo do Bicho results, typically at 2:00 PM. It can be argued that Jogo do Bicho rivals even football in terms of its popularity in Brazil. But up until now, no online platform had integrated a game drawing inspiration from this classic… until PIN-UP Casino stepped in.

Jogo do Bicho-Inspired Game Arrives at PIN-UP Casino

Indeed, PIN-UP Casino has distinguished itself as the first in Brazil’s digital gaming landscape to incorporate a game inspired by the essence of Jogo do Bicho. This adaptation, developed by iMoon, is now available for enthusiasts all over Brazil, offering them an opportunity to select five favorite animals and test their fortune.

The iMoon developers, with their meticulous approach, collaborated with Brazilian experts to ensure this adaptation stays true to its roots while delivering an immersive gaming experience. Starting bets are set at an affordable 1 real (≈0.2 USD), and with an enticing RTP of 98%, it’s designed to captivate players. Furthermore, gamers have the flexibility to choose their animals or let serendipity decide for them, ensuring that everyone can engage with the game according to their preference.

The Experience of a Jogo do Bicho-Inspired Game at PIN-UP Casino

Drawing inspiration from the legendary “Animal Game” or Jogo do Bicho, PIN-UP Casino introduces a new, thrilling experience for enthusiasts. This adapted game is streamlined:

1. Players select animals and place their bets.

Jogo do Bicho-Inspired Game Arrives at PIN-UP Casino

2. The winning animals are dramatically unveiled.8

Jogo do Bicho-Inspired Game Arrives at PIN-UP Casino

3. Results are concisely summarized.

Jogo do Bicho-Inspired Game Arrives at PIN-UP Casino

The game dynamics are clear: As players eagerly watch the timer, they choose 5 animals and place their stakes. When the timer halts, a spotlight reveals the victorious animals, and the winnings are announced. Gone are the days of seeking out a banker or a ‘bicheiro’ (bookmaker). It’s a modern twist on a cherished classic.

For many, the attraction of the Jogo do Bicho-inspired game complements the broader allure of casinos. After the exhilaration of the lottery reveal, numerous players seamlessly transition to exploring other offerings of the casino.

To gain a richer understanding of this cultural phenomenon, we sought insights from PIN-UP Casino representatives from the Gaming department.

QuestionWhy hasn’t there been a successful online adaptation of Jogo do Bicho till now?

PIN-UP Casino representative: While there were initial efforts, they failed to capture the essence. Our research indicates that these attempts, predominantly designed by European and CIS developers, lacked the authentic Brazilian touch. iMoon’s version, crafted by Brazilians, seamlessly blends the nuances of local culture while emphasizing user-friendliness and swift gameplay. We’ve also made it accessible with bets starting from just 1 BRL.

Question:What feedback have the early tests of this game provided? How do players transition from this game to other casino offerings?

PIN-UP Casino representative: Initial tests of other similar games were not promising. But, based on our observations, those fond of lotteries often gravitate towards other lotteries, crashes, and slots. Every gamer has their distinctive style, dictating their choices.

QuestionDoes this game resonate with individuals outside Brazil?

PIN-UP Casino representative: Preliminary feedback suggests its appeal isn’t limited to Brazil. Beyond the captivating visuals, the game mechanics, the high RTP of 98%, and the minimal entry barrier make it universally appealing. While its nomenclature is an ode to Brazilian tradition, we anticipate it resonating in places like India, Turkey, and further. It’s an opportunity to globally amplify this beloved Brazilian pastime.

Jogo do Bicho-inspired game is exclusively available at PIN-UP Casino for the time being. For our affiliate partners, we offer enticing traffic rates for Brazil, ranging from 20 to 50 dollars per deposit. For more intricate details, our dedicated managers are always ready to guide😉

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