How to earn over $17,000 in 3 months from a Telegram channel

6 September 2023
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Let’s break down a case study of a successful partner who chose the “Agent” affiliate model and used social networks to attract new clients.

Partner’s work methods

The partner actively uses social media to attract customers. He has a Telegram channel with 4500 subscribers and a website dedicated to trading education. These are the main tools the partner uses to interact with his potential clients. The partner regularly shares trading signals and important events on his Telegram channel, posting valuable content for his subscribers.

On top of that, the partner added his trading strategy in the Copy Trading investment service, which allowed him not only to expand his target audience but also boost credibility with his potential clients.

Partner’s results

In the first three months of 2023, the partner attracted 15 leads, 10 of them started trading and became active AMarkets clients. Thus the conversion rate (from registration to first-time deposit) was an impressive 66%.

The partner has an increased remuneration rate (Platinum) and receives from $3 to $15 per lot generated by the attracted clients, depending on the account type. In total, the partner has 204 active clients. Overall, the partner has earned $100,454 from their trading activity (at the time of writing), including the $9,242 he paid to the clients in affiliate rebates. It is important to note that these stats don’t include contest-related expenses and additional incentive bonuses AMarkets offers to successful affiliates.

How to earn over $17,000 in 3 months from a Telegram channel

Since the beginning of the year, the partner has earned over $17,000, attracting only a few new clients per month!

In addition, the partner receives income from his affiliate network within the “Agent” (Revenue Share) model:

How to earn over $17,000 in 3 months from a Telegram channel

This case study is a great example of how one can effortlessly generate a steady income stream. With affiliate programs, you can also earn passive income using modern digital marketing methods and automating your business processes.

AMarkets provides its partners with everything they need to achieve financial success: high remuneration rates, full reimbursement of payment systems’ fees, advertising and promo materials, as well as insightful articles on how to attract clients through social networks and Telegram in particular.

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