Affise, tracking platform for more than 1000 affiliate networks

7 August 2019
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Affise, tracking platform for more than 1000 affiliate networks

We visited Affise’s office in Minsk and talked to Stanislau Litvinau, the company’s co-founder and CEO and an affiliate marketing guru.

Stanislau has been involved in affiliate marketing since 2002 and has launched about 20 projects, and therefore he can safely be called an affiliate marketing guru.

During the interview, Stanislau told us a lot of interesting things ranging from how he and his team developed their own tracking software many years ago to Affise’s ambitious plans for the future (Stanislau wants to secure 200 million dollars in the company’s business value).

We learned about Affise’s unique approach to monetization, as they are one of the few tracking platforms that charge for conversions rather than clicks.

We talked about affiliate business in India and China and learned about Affise’s plans to establish a firm presence in these markets.

We also discussed shaving in detail, how it can be adjusted and implemented and whether it’s expedient for networks to shave affiliates’ leads. We touched upon fraudulent traffic, the scope of this issue and how to tackle it.

We talked about Affise’s competitors and discussed why Affise is different.


Win a 2-hour coaching session on how to launch and manage affiliate projects from Stanislau! He has launched about 20 projects and he knows what he is talking about. Stanislau will share his experience with the winner and give useful advice.

To take part in our competition, leave a comment below and tell us about your existing project in the affiliate marketing industry or about your idea to launch a service.

We will choose a winner together with Stanislau.

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