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A list of forums dedicated to affiliate marketing

Forewarned is forearmed – that’s the slogan of the era of information – in our case, forearmed for wins in a war for conversions. We’ve gathered a list of 9 biggest forums in the world, all tied to affiliate marketing in one way or the other, however not limited to it. Some require payment, some are completely free, but what can be said for certain is that each of them has information that could be useful. Remember – there isn’t a question that hasn’t been answered before you, and that means the only thing you have to do is find that answer.

Have a great time and a grand profit!

1.  AffiliateFix

Website: https://www.affiliatefix.com/

Price: free

Affiliate fix creators (launched in 2011) managed to gather a huge affiliate community (more than 100000 registered users). The forum is visited by more than 500 people daily, and each is hungry for new information or wants to share it with colleagues.

2. STM (StackThatMoney)

Website: https://stmforum.com/

Price: $99 a month

STM (previously StackThatMoney) – a forum dedicated to affiliate marketing, launched in January of 2011. Topics are comprised of cases, educational materials, and other information that can be useful for affiliates.

In 7 years, this forum grew into a respected community, and it keeps expanding. Among its current trends – professional education and organizing conferences around the world (Affiliate world).

3. AffLift

Website: https://afflift.com/

Price: $20 a month

A rapidly growing forum about affiliate marketing, with a potential to fill leading positions.

4. Warrior Forum

Website: https://www.warriorforum.com/

Price: free, premium content available for $97 a year

One of the oldest forums about digital-marketing (has been functioning since 1997). A huge user base ready to discuss industry trends and work-related questions.

5. Aff Playbook

Website: https://affplaybook.com/

Price: $67 a month

The forum has been working since 2009. Forum’s members, in addition to having access to a huge amount of information, are privy to a lot of services that make the job easier. (Such as spy-tool, a service to look for creatives that belong to other people; clone bot, a service that lets you copy a landing with one click; image/plugin vault, a base of pictures and WordPress-plugins, and many more.

6. MadSociety

Website:: https://madsociety.net/

Price: $99 a month

A closed affiliate forum. According to the community founder, creating a forum has never occurred to them – it just happened all on its own. Inside you will find tips on creating and optimizing campaigns, masterminds, cases, and a big base of landings and creatives gathered by community members.

7. CPA Elites

Website: https://www.cpaelites.com/

Price: free

The forum has been working since 2013 and counts more than 100 thousands of users. It touches upon themes like partnership marketing, cryptocurrencies, SEO and many more.

8. Gofuckbiz

Website: https://www.gofuckbiz.com/

Price: free

A forum that was wildly popular among webmasters in the “noughties”. Everyone gathered around – apart from working relationships, the forum could be used to chat about other topics or discuss the news.

9. Searchengines

Website: https://searchengines.guru/

Price: free

The biggest CIS-forum (the number of members exceeds 350000 people), dedicated to advertising and earning money online, and is also the first internet-resource about this topic in all of Runet.

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