Affiliate marketing creatives

Creatives are an indispensable and crucial part of any ad campaign. Affiliates’ income depends directly on the quality of a banner or ad.
We have gathered lots of useful articles on how to make creatives that convert, what tools to use and what to do in case of a failure.

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The Man and the Traffic: Running Install Campaigns

The second-to-last volume of “The Man” as a separate experimental project. Oleg has recently decided to move away from the dating vertical he has been working with for quite a while and try something new — installs. The Man is going to tell you what he was doing in the last couple of weeks and how that turned out. 22 november 2019 1
reading time: 5 minutes

How to make a high converting landing page for CBD offers

Whether you are looking for a way to boost your conversions, grow your database or simply raise awareness about your product, an effective landing page can have a decisive impact on your marketing efforts. Today, we are going to break down how to design a high CTR landing page for CBD offers. 20 november 2019 0
reading time: 7 minutes

Ten affiliate guidelines for working with case studies

Both beginner affiliates and experienced digital marketers need quality case studies for their work. However, as is well-known, anyone can write anything, but will this be worth your time and tests? In this article, we will share some tips for working with case studies the smart way. 01 november 2019 0

The Man and the Traffic: Approaching the Finish Line

Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking. In this volume, Oleg decides to draw some preliminary conclusions. He discusses what did and what didn’t work out, touches upon the campaigns that he launched and that already started generating profit and shares his plans for the future. 25 october 2019 0
reading time: 9 minutes

How to download a landing page: free and paid solutions

An attractive and properly designed landing page is a cornerstone of successful online marketing. However, it’s not that easy to create a winning page, and that’s why many affiliates tend to copy and customize ready-made landings instead of wasting their time and efforts on building their own web page from scratch. 23 october 2019 0
reading time: 8 minutes

The Man and the Traffic: Testing Various Hypotheses on Driving Push Traffic

In the 13th volume of our experiment “The Man and the Traffic”, our hero discusses a number of hypotheses he has tested. Last week, he tried to figure out whether time and region targeting is actually working. 09 october 2019 0
reading time: 7 minutes
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