Affiliate marketing analysis

An analysis is one of the most important methods of studying any field of activity, including affiliate marketing. Through analysis, you will be able to examine some separate elements and get to know as much as you can about the industry you have chosen.
In this selection, you’ll find the best analytical articles by our experts. We offer verified data and a comprehensive review of interesting and multi-faceted subjects.

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Fraudulent traffic in the first half of 2020

2020 turned out to be quite a year, and it’s far from over. With the help of our partners at FraudScore, we’ve compiled a report on fraudulent advertising traffic in 2020.  10 august 2020 0

Most Common Errors in Landing Page Design and How to Fix Them

Webmasters often use ready-made landing pages, which makes them prone to the risk of getting a low conversion rate. This is because a lot of websites are poorly designed. If you want your landing page to convert, it is better to create and test it yourself and fix all the bugs. This article aims to break down the most common web page design errors and how to avoid them. 05 august 2020 0

AI Technologies For Affiliate Marketing Creatives

Affiliates have to come up with tons of creatives on a regular basis. However, marketers, end-users, and moderation bots perceive ad images and copies differently. There is no such thing as an objective viewpoint. In this article, we are explaining how you can derive insights from your images using AI technologies. 13 may 2020 0

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Push Traffic

In this article, we discuss the most common mistakes that are made by affiliates running push traffic 12 may 2020 0

Online Ad Fraud in 2020

Fraudulent traffic is something a lot of affiliates have come across at some point in their marketing career. Ad fraud is impossible to weed out completely, and it can account for a smaller or larger percentage of the overall traffic volumes. We decided to find out how ad fraud has changed in the last six months and reached out to FraudScore for that purpose. 06 may 2020 0

Running Nutra Offers in Time of Pandemic

Only those affiliates who have completely isolated themselves from the outside world haven’t heard about the current nutra market drawdown. We need to start thinking about what to do in such circumstances and how to earn if not more than before the pandemic, then at least the same. First things first, though. 01 april 2020 1
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