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How to make or create good video advertisement

Best YouTube alternatives for finding videos for your creatives

It’s great when somebody can make creatives for you, especially if it’s not very expensive and the creatives convert well. However, this approach doesn’t always work out with video creatives and one often has to make well-performing visuals from scratch. Although dozens of sophisticated editing tools are at your disposal, it can be difficult to find source videos for your creatives. 

Here’s a selection of platforms other than YouTube where you’ll be able to find source video materials.


VK is a Russian social media platform where people post various videos, anime (of the obvious kind), recordings of TV programs and so on. Just enter any keyword into the search bar and choose the video to your liking. However, the network doesn’t allow you to download videos. For that purpose, you’ll need to use other tools such as savefrom.net 

Log in to VK, choose the video you need and copy the link.    

Then, insert the necessary URL to the input field. Don’t press any buttons, just wait for some time until the download link appears below the field. 

Then, press Download. The video has now been downloaded to your computer.


Another hotbed of video content. You can use Instagram videos to make creatives for running social traffic. Keywords will help you find videos for driving traffic to nutra, gambling and crypto offers, just like the video we are going to download today for the sake of example. It is ready to use, you just have to add captions promising heaps of money.

So, to download videos from Instagram, you will need the savefrom service. The download process is the same as in Vkontakte.


A platform with lots of eye-catching videos that can be downloaded for free. Most videos on the platform feature various cities, countries, and nature. This will work out great for those who drive traffic to travel agencies and travel offers. There are also videos featuring pets, and so this platform is also worth trying for those who drive traffic to nutra offers: pet food and goods.

The major advantage of this platform is that it’s free and doesn’t require registration.

However, you can’t download full videos on this platform, only certain fragments that you need. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to the platform’s website.
  2. Choose a video. I’m going to download a video featuring a dog. Watch the video all the way through to make sure it meets your objectives. Press the Download button.
  3. Set the start and end points in the popup window. Press download.
  4. Extract archive files. Now you can use the video in your creatives.


Pexels is a platform with free stock videos that you can download without registration. If you wish you can donate a certain sum of money to the creator of the video. The service is easy to use and can help you find videos for driving traffic to nutra, travel, and dating offers. There are also videos featuring people enjoying amusement rides that can be used for driving traffic to gaming offers.

How to download a video:

  1. Go to the platform’s website.
  2. Choose a video and open it. Press the Free Download button. That’s basically it. If you click on the arrow on the Download button, you’ll be able to choose a video resolution. The default setting is the maximum resolution.


This web resource has three tariff plans: free, premium and pro. The free plan allows you to download quite a lot of videos, but you have to state the author of a clip you’re going to use.

On the platform, there are lots of videos featuring people, parties, sound effects and so on. 

To download a video, open it and press the Free Download button. That’s it. 


Youku is one of China’s top video hosting services and one of the world’s largest video platforms. There are lots of videos aimed at the Chinese audience on this website, and therefore it’s perfect for working in the Chinese market. If you try hard enough, you’ll find video materials for driving traffic to dating, nutra and travel offers on the platform.

To download a video from Youku, you’ll need additional tools such as Tubeninja 

A step-by-step guide on video download:

Choose a video. Copy the URL.

Insert the link into the input field. Wait.

Now you can see a box with download options. The larger the file, the better the quality. Registration is not required.

So, that’s pretty much all you need to know about choosing an alternative source of videos for your video-ads, next time we’ll discuss ways of editing videos. Stay tuned!

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