Things To Ask Your Affiliate Manager About

16 January 2023
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When you start working with a new affiliate program or affiliate network, you get a standard package of information that allows you to navigate through the platform’s interface, choose the most promising offers, and drive traffic with some efficiency. Your affiliate manager is the link between you and the affiliate network. Usually they provide media buyers with all info one needs, but managers are human, and they can forget something or have a different view of your approaches. To avoid misunderstandings and wasting money, we suggest that you take the initiative into your hands and use our checklist for contacting your affiliate manager. 

Why is it important to make contact?

It’s possible that your previous experience with affiliate programs and CPA-networks has been so smooth, that you never needed to talk to your affiliate manager more than the bare minimum. Now let us explain the long-term benefits of establishing close contact with your manager.

  • Higher payouts
    Having a good rapport with your affiliate manager can increase your chances of negotiating higher payouts. It’s not all about interpersonal relationships (you must drive high-quality traffic at all times), but being friendly definitely helps.
  • Getting quicker answers
    Sure, answering your messages is in the manager’s job description. But we all know how difficult it becomes when you have a hundred chats. If you have a trusting relationship with your affiliate manager, they will want to help you, rather than find your emails or phone calls annoying. This is handy if you have any problem that needs to be solved ASAP.
    As mentioned before, having an open line of communication with someone like your affiliate manager will only help you in the long run. Treat them as a business partner who is trying to help you succeed, and trust their advice when you need it most. By helping each other, you can avoid being treated coldly as a customer and get better results in the end.
  • Testing of new offers
    As the affiliate manager controls attribution, creatives, and commissions, they know how to get your idea right so that it brings you the maximum ROI. This works out cool if you have an idea, but don’t have the means to implement it.
    If you have a history with the affiliate network and your manager, it will be easier for you to get your hands on private offers and exclusive deals. You will also be helping them out, since affiliate managers are always looking for ways to test the programs and campaigns. Besides, an affiliate manager may even provide an exclusive coupon/code to attract more users to the offer.

Things To Ask Your Affiliate Manager About

The “Must ask” list

Reviews and testimonials

When it comes to your earnings, you need to be sure of your source of income. Of course, an affiliate manager can tell you the niceties of working with them, but the real story will be told by your colleagues. Ask the manager for reports from collaborations with big brands or solo affiliates you know. They will probably tell you a lot more in terms of working with this affiliate network. Alternatively, check out our Reviews section where we share testimonials on loads of affiliate networks.

Things To Ask Your Affiliate Manager About

Basics of the affiliate network

Before you start working with an affiliate network, make sure you know all the nuances of the collaboration such as working conditions, guidelines, and restrictions. Many affiliates participate in several affiliate programs, choosing the most favorable offers. We are sure that you are not an exception. Find out about the features and benefits of this network’s products or services to make sure you can trust them. It’s never too late to quit. 

Top offers

Regardless of what an affiliate network specializes in, its representatives know what sells best. This data is extremely important for you! So ask for relevant in-depth links (or tools/ways to get them), creatives, landing pages, and any other product and audience information.

Target audience analysis

You know first-hand how important it is to understand your target market. An affiliate manager definitely can equip you with the necessary metrics related to your target audience. Start with the basics (gender, age, income), dig deeper (family, religion, ethnicity), and also cover geography. If you succeed, the affiliate network benefits too, so it is in the manager’s interest to help you with consumer analysis as detailed as possible.


Keywords help to keep you on track and focus on suitable topics. Whether it’s paid search, social media hashtags, or search engine optimization, you should check if there are any recommendations for optimal keywords and phrases that will make your campaigns more relevant for the target audience.

Advertising materials

It’s a great idea to check the availability of some useful promotional videos. Free creatives will come in handy, especially if they are already proven to work. The affiliate network is also interested in you using their media because, on some affiliate platforms, they will be able to track video views as conversions.


Perhaps the affiliate network has some kind of promotion or promo campaign in place that will save you money. Besides, we often see contests for affiliates where you can get generous bonuses for driving traffic to specific offers/verticals. Make sure to track such opportunities.

The best landing pages

Remember which metric is key in your earning formula? Exactly, the conversion rate. And who is the person who knows all the insides of the affiliate network? Yes, your affiliate manager. Can you see it yet? Your manager sees all sides of the deal since they communicate with the advertisers as well. So, they can provide you with top-converting landers, pre-landers, and creatives that your competition does not have. Profit!

Working schedule

To ensure coordinated marketing, ask for your manager’s working timetable. It will be useful for you to know when and how they are available to help you. In case you are from different time zones, you will have to adjust for communication.

Things To Ask Your Affiliate Manager About

Top promotion channels

Ask about which marketing channels work best for the affiliate program. This will help you prioritize the promotion techniques and methods that have a greater impact, and stay away from the low-potential ones.

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to take the initiative in dealing with your manager. Being friendly with colleagues in any field is good for your reputation and can also provide you with useful insights. It is often the case that you wouldn’t have found out about bargains if you hadn’t asked one day. That is why we advise using our checklist the next time you communicate with a manager. Try to build a comfortable relationship with them and it will pay off. Remember — success is where you use all available resources!

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