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Searching for profitable campaigns on low-competition GEO

Hello everyone, today we’re publishing our author’s thoughts on where to look for profitable flows if you’re a beginner, and even if you aren’t. Inside of the following material is a real case about how thinking outside of the box leads to getting more money in your account.

Hey everyone. Push-notifications are gaining a lot of hype and everyone’s trying to drive them, but a lot of people fail. So I’d like to share my thoughts, backed up with real-life experience, on how a beginner can go about it.

My conviction that affiliate marketers act like “bees” proved to be true once again.

You wonder why? I’ll answer: remember my recent case on push Thailand? If you didn’t see it or forgot, you can read it later.

So, before that nobody drove traffic in Thai, but afterward the bids were out of control. Thus just like “bees”, affiliate marketers “fly” towards cases and try to recreate them in an identical way.

But I want to ask: do you at all think? By “flying” to one geo, 90% of affiliate marketers will just a descent into negatives and quit, especially if we’re talking about beginners.

Cases aren’t written to be recreated, they’re written for understanding the method — that’s the entire point.

I’ll tell you how I was starting out when I was just a rookie, and what I learned from my experience.

After reading a bunch of cases I, just like everyone, wanted to repeat them. Upon creating the campaign I saw that the bids are higher, and realized there are hundreds of people who thought the same thing.

But that didn’t stop me — I chose another product from the same vertical and started the traffic, and just like 90% of beginners, lost money.

And after that I started actively thinking of what to do next: started following chats, searching for information on forums and networks, then once found a Top 10 Active GEOs chart on the main page of one of the biggest sources of push traffic — Megapush.

(You can check out stats here: megapu.sh)

It had almost all countries from recent cases, and I realized that I should drive traffic in ones that aren’t at the top. I’ve been waiting for that realization for a damn while.

I quickly checked big countries with a small bid, and in the end, gathered a list of GEOs that fit me.

Then I started registering in partnership programs, one after the other and searching for traffic for fitting offers. That’s how in everad I stumbled upon a new geo “Moldova”, added to the top 2 days ago, and in my list, it was filed under “no competition”.

That’s when I thought this is it, this will work, I just felt it.

Immediately threw a couple of creatives together and launched it, here’s an example of a good one: 

Almost all creatives brought profit and gave some small leads.

And here’s a tracker statistic.

Drove it without optimization until the advertiser asked to stop because apparently, they didn’t like the push-notifications. Although that’s a CIS problem — people can’t stomach push notifications in 90% of partnership programs.

As you see, the starting capital doesn’t always matter, you can make money even from 100 dollars. What’s important is doing something different from everyone else — that’s my message.

I gave you an example on one geo, but there are a lot of similar ones. If we don’t crowd just one, then even a rookie will find their flow!

In conclusion:

You can work hard as a bee, but don’t get your honey in the same place as everyone else. Better find a smaller one, but where there aren’t a lot of others like you or where you’re the only one, and then this honey to you will be gold!

I think that’s about it, and may the profit be with you.

P.S. To discuss my articles, ask a question, or make a tempting offer, you can contact me via telegram: @ZloiHacker

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