T.UK: a review on the microloan affiliate program

T.UK is a popular foreign affiliate program which proposes promoting financial offers targeting traffic from Great Britain. The main focus is Payday Loans, that is, offers with small loans for a short period of time (microloans).

T.UK is a popular foreign affiliate program which proposes promoting financial offers targeting traffic from Great Britain. The main focus is Payday Loans, that is, offers with small loans for a short period of time (microloans).

This affiliate system has been created by the team who made Zero Parallel for the American market. T.UK has been successfully operating since 2016 and in several years it has managed to attract many affiliates.

In Great Britain, microcredit has its own legal aspects and features, that’s why the creation of a special service to promote Payday Loans was so demanded.

Brief characteristics of the affiliate program

Website: t.uk

Types of offers: microloans, finance.

Promotion tools: ready-made banners, JS forms for loan applications, CMS to create proper websites, etc.

Payment systems: PayPal.

Payouts: once a week (a minimum threshold is 1000 pound sterling).


Advantages and features of T.UK

The affiliate program is offering pretty high remuneration for user acquisition. As mentioned before, only the British traffic is accepted. The conversion goal is an approved microloan application. The maximum cost per lead may go up to 65 pounds (approximately $80).

All information in the program is in English, however, there is the Russian-speaking technical support particularly for affiliates from Russia.

Major benefits of the system:

  • Great statistics. There are weekly and daily metrics as well as advanced reporting for a selected period.
  • Regular payments. You can negotiate on payments upon request, if necessary.
  • Referral program. Payments reach 3%, the link is in the general offer list.

Registration in the program

The major feature of T.UK is a many-stage registration process. First, you need to go to the system website and fill in the registration form. You need to specify your country of residence, phone number, email, and to make up a password. To activate your account, you need to confirm your phone number and email address. Then, you need to fill in the small questionnaire regarding your traffic sources. It is better to spell out details on what methods you are planning to use to promote offers: via your own web resource, social media pages, via email, etc. After that, to speed up the process, we recommend that you contact your manager through support tickets. If you have enough experience to work in the program, you will get access to the tools of T.UK.

Summary Forms on T.UK

Tools of the affiliate network

Let’s independently talk about what tools the network offers to its partners. We are beginning from the ready-made JS application forms for getting a loan. There are 3 different forms, and you can adjust each of them to your website’s design: you can change the color of background or headers, change text, etc. Keep in mind that in order to use a JS form on your website, you will need the FCA license (Financial Control Authority). If you are not ready to spend time and money on getting a license, you can use standard banners or the public feed. In the affiliate system, there is a CMS that you can use to create your own websites.

This option is good for affiliates that do not have websites dedicated to finance. You will need to make up a name, buy a domain, choose the template and implement the system file in the parent folder of the website. This is a pretty simple way which allows to significantly save time. The niche of microloans is pretty profitable and you can get high income working in it. T.UK is providing a great set of tools to its partners, which allows making a stable income. If you’re interested in financial offers and you have good experience with foreign traffic, choose this program without a problem.

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