Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review

Shakes Pro
Founded in: 2013
Shakes.Pro is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with nutra offers. The company also has exclusive partnerships with many advertisers, so affiliates have an opportunity to test private offers with Shakes.Pro. Affiliates have access to CPA offers from any GEO. Payout rates vary depending on the offer and start from 15 USD. The network has individual terms for trusted affiliates who drive big volumes of traffic and supports them at every step of the way.
Number of offers
Payment systems
WebMoney, credit cards and wire transfers, cryptocurrency, e-wallets
Minimum payout threshold
₽3000 (~35 USD)
Prohibited traffic source
Fraudulent traffic, spam, incentivized traffic, cashback

Shakes.Pro is an affiliate network that promotes nutra offers. The company has been on the market since 2013 and has a global GEO coverage. Affiliates will find ready-made promo materials, localized creatives, and a supportive team of experienced managers.

Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review


  • 1500+ offers
  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • 24/7 support
  • Ready-made creatives
  • Swift localization of promo materials upon request
  • Dynamic rates based on USD rate
  • Private tests of new offers with compensation of costs
  • Weekly automated payouts
  • Individual payout rates for trusted affiliates
  • Integration with trackers
  • Gifts for affiliates


Shakes.Pro is ready to work with experienced affiliates who can prove their expertise, so upon registration, you will be interviewed by an affiliate manager. 

What do I need to create an account?

  • Specify your email.
  • Create a password.
  • Specify Skype and Telegram IDs.
  • Select a country.

Then, you will have an interview with a company manager. Account approval doesn’t take a long time. Do it once — you can access the offers and launch your first campaign.


  • Профиль/My account. The platform has only a Russian interface, but it’s rather intuitive, so you will have no trouble navigating the site. My account is your main page, where you can see the general statistics, contacts of your affiliate manager, Shaker.Pro news, fresh promo materials, and much more.Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review
  • Новости/News. In this tab you, will find the latest news. New and deactivated offers, recent updates, changes in payout rates for specific offers and GEOs, etc.Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review
  • Источники/Sources. This page contains your active traffic sources. If you want to add new landers or social networks, you can also do it here.
  • Потоки/Flows. This page contains the statistics of your campaigns divided into different flows. Here you can add new flows and monitor their performance.
  • Аналитика/Analytics. Here you can check the general information about your campaigns. You can filter the data by period, offer, or GEO.
  • Статистика/Reports. This tab contains reports about your traffic. You can monitor unique users, lead forms, conversions, etc.Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review
  • Товары/Products. This section shows the available products. You can select a product that suits you the best based on the traffic requirements, target action, etc.Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review
  • Финансы/Finance. Here you can monitor your cash flows. Your profit, withdrawals, and funds on hold are all on this page.
  • Бонусы/Bonuses. It is a special page for Shakes.Pro affiliates. Here you will find the news about special promotions, prize draws, and competitions you can participate in.
  • Гарант призы/Prizes. In this section, Shakes.Pro affiliates can find the relevant information about the gifts and prizes for the most dedicated affiliates of this network.Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review
  • Поддержка/Support. In this tab, you will find the ticket form and file any request to the support team of the network.
  • Помощь/FAQ. FAQ and guides allow you to get the most out of your work with Shakes Pro. Traffic requirements, API set-up and domain parking guidelines, ready-made creatives, and much more.
  • Telegram-Блог/Telegram Blog. Here you can get a link to the official Telegram blog of the network to have access to the announcements of promotions, information about new offers, and company news.

In addition, Shakes Pro works with Mostbet.Partners. In your dashboard, you will find link that will enable you to monetize your traffic with these two companies as well.

Offers and traffic sources

Shakes.Pro offers its affiliates 1500+ offers from exclusive advertisers. The offer database is updated weekly. Affiliates also receive a heads-up. When an offer gets deactivated, affiliates are notified via email, a message from a dedicated manager, and a ticket with relevant information. In this case, you will not waste any traffic.

How can you activate an offer? After registration and account approval, your dedicated manager shares a selection of the most suitable offers for your GEO.

Shakes.Pro does not accept the following traffic sources:

  • Fraudulent traffic
  • Spam traffic
  • Incentivized traffic
  • Cashback traffic

You can find the full list of prohibited traffic sources in the offer description available in your dashboard. Please note that Shakes.Pro has offers promoting low-price or For Free products. Contact your dedicated manager to access them.

GEO and targeting

Shakes Pro has offers for almost any country in the world. The available GEOs include:

  • Europe
  • The CIS
  • United States
  • Asia

The company also invests in developing GEOs such as Iraq, Oman, UAE, Egypt, Algeria, and others. Do you want to access new GEOs? Reach out to your dedicated manager to get the most favorable terms.

For your convenience, Shakes Pro is integrated with all popular tracking solutions: Keitaro, Binom, AdsBridge, and others. Your dedicated manager will always assist you in setting up a tracker: you will need to provide them with a post-back URL and a set of macros. However, you can work without a tracker since all statistics are in your dashboard.

Payouts in Shakes.Pro

Payments are effected automatically once a week. Hold period is relevant only for new affiliates, your dedicated manager sets the duration upon your account approval. Trusted affiliates receive payouts within a couple of hours upon request. What payment services are available?

  • WebMoney
  • QIWI
  • ePayments
  • YooMoney
  • Capitalist
  • Visa, MasterCard
  • Wire transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies

The minimum payout threshold is ₽3000 (~35 USD) There are individual terms available for trusted affiliates.


The support team works 24/7. You can always ask a question and get an answer.

Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review

You can contact Shakes.Pro support with any issues:

  • Offer activation
  • Tracker set-up
  • Payouts
  • Ad campaign optimization
  • Performing campaigns funnels
  • Promotions for affiliates, etc.

Besides, you can always access the network’s social media in Vkontakte or Telegram. There you can find new offers, announcements of promotions, special offers, and other nice things. In addition, you can contact your dedicated manager via email.


We have been working with Shakes for more than 3 years. During this time, we have activated more than 20 offers and had a stable 150% ROI. But none of this would have happened if Shakes didn’t have such a great team! Some difficult situations were resolved in our favor, and we are very grateful. They help to improve the approval rate by proofreading the landers and advising on the best approaches to GEOs.

It’s possible to withdraw funds within a day and with almost any payment method. The team is very responsive, and they try their best to cater to our needs. And, of course, a system of nice bonuses and promotions that allow making additional profit on the platform.

KGB team

Hey, this is a Private Digital team. We would like to share our experience with Shakes.Pro. It’s a top affiliate network that needs no introduction. Why do we keep working with Shakes.Pro and advise you do the same? It’s the attitude! We know our dedicated manager Nastya in real life, we go to conferences and spend time together. She is always in touch and is ready to help with any issue. We can be sure that everything will be resolved in the best way possible. She gets the best terms for us, good rates, and frequency capping even when it seems impossible. People make the company. And we know that Shakes.Pro is made of great people who provide affiliates with all the best.

Private Digital team

Here is our feedback about the Shakes affiliate network! We’ve been working with these guys for about 5 years and there have never been any problems! If you ask for a specific payout rate — you get it, you want guaranteed approval — here you go, you want a payout — you have it in a sec =) And also they have a huge number of exclusive offers for a multitude of GEOs! In general, if you haven’t tried it yet, we definitely recommend it!

KRD team


Shakes.Pro is an affiliate network with exclusive nutra offers. Global GEO coverage, popular direct offers, ready-made promotional materials, in-house testing of new products, regular promotions, and gifts for trusted affiliates — all these make Shakes.Pro a good choice for any affiliate marketer. The company is developing new GEOs and traffic sources for better traffic monetization opportunities.

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