Affiliate Network Review
Founded in: 2016 is a multiservice affiliate network that has been working in the finance, education, HR, and insurance verticals since 2016. You can work under the CPA payout model. The minimal payout threshold is 500 ₽. GEOs include Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The company offers a set of tools that will make your affiliate routine easier: from a builder of bots and offer walls to domain parking and API-based account integration.
Number of offers
200+ (direct)
Offer verticals
Finance, education, HR, insurance
Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam
Payout model
Hold period
Depends on the offer
Payout methods
Bank Wire, Zaleycash, VK ads and MyTarget
Minimal payout threshold
500 ₽
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized and fraudulent traffic
Contacts: is a multiservice affiliate network with direct offers in the finance, education, HR, and insurance verticals. The company helps its affiliates with all the necessary tools: bots and offer wall builders for VK and Telegram, as well as smart widgets for websites. has been working since 2016 and is open for traffic from Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Affiliate Network Review


  • Direct offers
  • Own bot, offer wall, and widget builders
  • Automatic profile activation upon registration
  • New offers every week
  • Run campaigns without a third-party tracker
  • No hold period for trusted affiliates
  • VIP statuses and bonuses for affiliates
  • Referral program

Registration and the dashboard

First, register at the official website of Specify the following:

  1. Email
  2. Password Affiliate Network Review

Your profile will be approved automatically. Forget about stats screenshots from other affiliate networks, you won’t need them here.

Having created the profile, you can access the dashboard. What do we have here?

  • Главная (Home). The page with the overview of your campaigns. Here you can see the top offers and news from, plus your monthly Affiliate Network Review
  • Новости (News). This tab aggregates the news from the affiliate network and updates the info on offers: new arrivals, deactivated offers, or change in terms.
  • Служба поддержки (Support). The very place to get assistance. Here you can address a ticket to the technical support, find detailed instructions on working with in the FAQ section, post your feedback on how to improve affiliate service, or vote for already posted ones. You can also find the Telegram-bot of the affiliate network here.
  • Площадки (Traffic sources). This is the page for adding traffic sources. The number of websites is infinite, so you can add and customize offers with Affiliate Network Review
  • Офферы (Offers). All offers gather here. Active and deactivated offers with brief and/or full descriptions can be found here. Filtering by traffic sources, GEO, title, date of connection, and categories is Affiliate Network Review
  • Конструкторы витрин (Offer wall builder). All the tools for creating offer walls from are here: SmartLand, BorLand, CPAider.
  • Конструкторы ботов (Bot builder). This section is for connecting and setting up the bots for Telegram and VK.
  • Виджеты для сайта (Widgets for websites). widgets can be installed for available websites from this menu. Check out the documents section (Документация). It has thorough guidelines on how to work with widgets with examples.
  • ApiTraffic. This section provides pre-made lead forms for your campaigns. You can either place them on your resources or distribute them directly. Each form is attached to several offers, the user will be redirected to one of them based on his answers. You can also find some detailed stats on the connected forms.
  • Инструменты (Tools). describes additional ways to improve affiliate’s profit under this section. The affiliate network aids with domain parking, deep link generating, UTM-links, and SubId set-up, post-back and trackers integration, as well integrating the profile with third-party services via Affiliate Network Review
  • Статистика (Statistics). The page for general and in-depth stats on your traffic. Data found here can be time-period filtered and exported as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Финансы (Finances). This tab informs you about your earnings. Here you can check your status in, request a payout, specify the payment details etc.
  • Рефералы (Referrals). The affiliate network allows profiting not only on traffic but on bringing new affiliates as well. You will receive 5% of their income for a year after registering your referral, as for the newcomer – he gets +5% to his first payout. You will also find banners and the terms of the referral system Affiliate Network Review
  • Учётная запись (Account). Manage your profile here. Write down personal info or traffic sources, manage the passwords and read the notifications from at will.

GEO and tracking

Traffic location matters. Which countries offers to target? Currently, the following GEOs are eligible:

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Belarus
  • The Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka

There are extra perks for affiliates who target Russia: bot and offer wall builders, accompanied by smart landing pages.

To monitor your campaign success, you can either rely on internal stats under dashboard or third-party trackers. Integrating them is a piece of cake: read the instruction under the FAQ section of your account. Additionally, popular trackers (OctoTracker, Keitaro, CPA Tracker, and AdsBridge) have pre-made templates for quick integration. Having troubles with post-back set-up? Contact the technical support that is ready to aid you on demand. Affiliate Network Review

Available tools

One of the trademarks is the tools, designed for improving affiliates’ performance. They are helpful in making Smartland offer walls, website widgets, and bots for VK or Telegram.

Offer wall builder

Smartland is a builder of offer walls, designed by The tool helps to arrange all your landers ASAP and fill them with offers from the affiliate network in one click. You can also use the BotLand tool which is invaluable for designing a website, selecting domain, connecting the desired offers, and determining the ways the bot should interact with the users. Affiliate Network Review

In order to begin, you have to navigate to offer wall builder section inside the dashboard and select one of the following tabs: SmartLand, BotLand, or CPAider.

Bot builder provides two builders: BotTelegram and BotVK. Based on the users’ answers, they pick the offers and can advertise loans, debit or credit cards, and secured auto loans. Meanwhile, bots are connected to the offers automatically – no testing and selecting: the user will see the offers with the highest conversion rate. Affiliate Network Review

Depending on your target audience, you can choose one out of 3 bots for each website, they differ in character and tone of voice. Pay your attention, BotVK is available only for Russia and Kazakhstan. Connection and set-up is made under corresponding tabs under the bots builder section (Конструкторы ботов).

Website widgets

In case the affiliate has his own website that generates traffic, this tool is invaluable. lets you create a container that displays all the offer info and the button with your affiliate link without programming or HTML coding skills. Affiliate Network Review

Connection and set-up is made under the website widgets section (Виджеты для сайта), which is located in dashboard.

Offers and traffic sources works with the advertisers directly. Therefore, only direct offers are at your disposal. As of now, there are over 200 of them. New offers are added weekly. In case of changes or deactivation, you will be notified via the Telegram-bot of the affiliate network and via the newsletter. Affiliate Network Review

To get to know the terms and traffic requirements, you need to navigate to the offers section, select the desirable offer, and click on the button to get more info. Offer description includes:

  • Terms
  • Payout rate
  • Target action
  • GEO
  • Hold period
  • Accepted and prohibited traffic sources
  • Readily available promotional materials from the advertiser
  • Keyword blacklist
  • Offer news and updates

To launch a campaign, you have to pick the offer and send a request to connect to your dedicated manager. Besides, you can describe your traffic sources, and he will provide the most suitable product in return. accepts almost any traffic (still verify the offer demands and consult the affiliate manager beforehand). The main condition on the traffic is its quality. The affiliate network does not tolerate incentivized and fraudulent traffic. payouts

The payouts from the affiliate network are made on demand and depend on the affiliate status:

  1. Silver. 2 times per month.
  2. Gold. 4 times per month. Additional bonus of +2% of the revenue and the possibility to withdraw funds without hold (an 8% fee).
  3. Platinum. Daily payouts on demand. Platinum affiliates get a +5% bonus on their earnings and the possibility to withdraw funds without hold (with a 5% fee).

The status is determined by the monthly revenue of the affiliate in Affiliate Network Review

How the payout is made?

  • Bank payments (for corporates, entrepreneurs, and self-employed)
  • Zaleycash service
  • VK ads and MyTarget wallets

Payouts are free from fees. The withdrawal period depends on the payment method (1-4 days). Minimum payout threshold is 500 ₽ (about 8 USD).


Having registered, the affiliate can contact technical support or his own affiliate manager. Working hours – from 9:00 a.m. till 9 p.m. (GMT+3). Nonetheless, all urgent questions and issues are processed 24/7.

How can the manager assist you?

  • Selecting and connecting the offer
  • Post-back configuration
  • Tracker integration
  • Requesting a payout
  • Connecting and setting up bots, widgets, and offer walls
  • Any questions regarding the work in

Furthermore, the affiliate network monitors the desires and ideas of its affiliates that can contribute to its improvement. Got an idea? Head to the voting tab (Голосование) under the technical support section (Служба поддержки) of the dashboard. Here, you can find the ideas proposed by the affiliates, vote for them, or offer something original. Depending on the voting results, corrects its development strategy to achieve even greater affiliate-friendliness.

How to get in touch with the technical support? Your options:

  • Tickets. Dashboard hosts all your questions and detailed answers with instructions on how to solve the problems.
  • Telegram-bot. Designed specifically not only to follow the news from or offer updates, but also to send the requests to tech support, get the answers, monitor the stats, and so on.
  • E-mail. With the help of email, you can ask any question regarding the affiliate network operation.

Besides, you can find some useful info about the affiliate network, case studies from the affiliates, instructions on how to work with the traffic via blog and VK channel.


Working with insurance offers has become even simpler: using bots, people can pick the option that suits their needs best. Which is why there is a chance to get large volumes.


I’ve been working with Saleads for over half a year and their lust for growth is admirable. I run the finances by default but test various offers. Sure, one may use bots for better efficiency. The payouts are large enough, from what I can tell.


A good affiliate network that does make money, if you drive many leads. I work with the financial vertical and everything is profit-friendly. My stats get better and better; okay, some rundowns occur, but otherwise all is smooth. No issues with payouts.


Investments have crawled their way everywhere, so I run them only. When done right – they rock. So, get your cut ASAP, while the network is still free from stiff competition!


My campaigns target micro loans since the traffic there just keeps growing. I plan to scale up, especially with the rates like these – profit well above 2k is a norm.


Conclusion is an affiliate network that works with direct whitehat offers. The company has invested in its own tools that are designed to cover many needs of the affiliate. Offer wall builders, high payout rates, working without approval upon registration — are the reasons to choose whether you are a newbie among webmasters or run a full-scale media buying team.

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