PST.NET Virtual Cards Issuance Platform Review

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PST.NET — a service for issuing virtual trust cards with exclusive BINs of US banks and support for 3D Secure, users can get up to 100 free cards for testing (and then buy more cards for $1 with a 2% recharge fee).
Monthly maintenance
From 1 USD
Transaction fee
From 2%
3D Secure
Payment options

PST.NET is a service for processing virtual payment cards of American banks. The company offers a financial solution for both personal and corporate use. With PST.NET, you can quickly fund your account on popular ad networks (from Facebook to TikTok, etc.) using cards with secure BINs and 3D Secure to avoid Risk Payment bans. At the same time, the service works with different banks, which guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to each client in any circumstances.

PST.NET Virtual Cards Issuance Platform Review


  • Registration without questionnaires and interviews
  • VISA and Mastercard with exclusive BINs from American banks
  • Unlimited and instant issuance of cards
  • 3D secure support
  • Anonymous issuance of the first card
  • Service notifications in the Telegram bot
  • Interface for teams
  • Offer for PST Private media buying teams
  • Referral program
  • Advanced two-factor authorization

PST.NET registration and dashboard

You need to register to get started. To do this, you need to specify on the service website:

  1. E-mail
  2. Password
  3. Telegram nickname

PST.NET Virtual Cards Issuance Platform Review

You can also create an account in simplified mode by connecting via your Google or Telegram account. Once you have registered, a simple KYC is required: upload a photo of your passport or other ID.

What can you find in the private account?

  • Dashboard. A page with summary information about your account. Here you can find your account number, active cards, transaction history, etc.PST.NET Virtual Cards Issuance Platform Review 
  • My accounts. A tab with data on accounts connected to the service and their balances. Here you can find an overview of the total balance and transactions for each account.PST.NET Virtual Cards Issuance Platform Review 
  • My cards. Here you can find details about the cards you have issued, the number of transactions, deposits, and withdrawals. You can also use this page to order the issuance of a new card or to block an old one.
  • Transactions. A section with detailed information about all transactions on your account. You can filter information by date or period, type and status of the transaction, card number, or purpose of payment.
  • Affiliate program. A tab with information about your earnings from referrals, the terms of the referral program, and a link to attract other clients to the service.
  • FAQ. A page with answers to various questions about PST.NET. Also, here you can find contacts for contacting the support team via Telegram, Skype, or live chat.
  • Settings. A section for managing your account. Here you can change your email, upload a photo of your KYC ID, enable two-factor authentication and set up service notifications.

Terms and opportunities

The first card in PST.NET is issued anonymously. You must be verified — upload a photo of your passport or other identification documents in order to work thereafter. How much do the cards cost? Retail card prices start from 10 USD (from 1 USD for teams) and the transaction fee will depend on the selected features — it starts from 2.9% for retail products (from 2% for team solutions).

Cards are issued and recharged instantly. Stable card performance is ensured by a system that automatically monitors and controls the success of BIN transactions.

What can PST.NET cards be used for? Primarily to work with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, etc. You can also use them to pay in international services or stores.

How to issue a new card in PST.NET? To do this, you need to:

  1. Log in to your account and press the “Issue a card” button
  2. Select the type of card to be issued
  3. Specify the amount of the top-up
  4. Press “Order”

PST.NET Virtual Cards Issuance Platform Review

You can close the card in your cabinet if necessary. To do this, select the desired one, click on the “Block card” button, then specify the account to refund the remaining balance. The time limit for closing is 12 hours.

Moreover, PST.NET has a teamwork option. You can create a corporate account and connect other members to it. What is available to the “main” owner?

  • Managing the accounts of individual team members
  • Issuing cards and blocking access to each member
  • View statistics and transactions for the entire account as well as for individual cards
  • Setting new and active card limits
  • Detailed statistics and report downloads

PST.NET tariff options

When you issue a new card, the service offers to choose a tariff that is convenient for you. To determine the appropriate card, you can select the purpose of use (to pay for advertising, services, games, travel, etc.), as well as the presence of 3D Secure.

What are the available tariff options for various traffic sources?

  1. Premium Facebook Card. Premium dollar card for payment in this advertising network only. Transaction fee 0.5 USD, monthly maintenance fee 10 USD, deposit fee 2.9%.
  2. Advertisement Card. A card for payment in all advertising networks. No transaction fee, a monthly maintenance fee of 10 USD, and a 6% deposit fee.
  3. Platinum Advertisement Card. Special offer for payments in different advertising networks. The transaction fee and monthly maintenance fee are calculated individually, the deposit fee is 6%. This card is issued after contacting a company specialist via Telegram or Skype.

PST.NET Virtual Cards Issuance Platform Review

PST.NET also has its own referral program. By referring new customers, you will receive 50% of the first card issued and 10% of service fees forever.

What is PST Private?

This is a special program for arbitration teams. Within it, PST.NET offers:

  • VISA Platinum Credit cards
  • Up to 100 free cards for testing
  • The cost of subsequent cards is 1 USD
  • A reduced fee of 2%

This program is open to arbitrage and media buying teams who spend more than 30,000 USD a month on advertising. To participate, email a PST.NET employee on Telegram.

Account replenishment

To issue cards and make deposits, you need to fund your PST.NET account. There are several options for this purpose::

  • USDT (TRC-20, ERC-20)
  • BTC

In addition, if you are going to deposit a larger amount, PST.NET is ready to add other payment solutions to suit your needs.

Withdrawal of earnings from the referral program or unused money is instant, with no hold, approvals, or paperwork.

Customer service

The PST.NET support team is available from 8 AM to 5 PM (GMT). You can contact them with any questions related to the operation of the service:

  • Card issuance
  • Internal account-to-account transfers
  • Special Platinum Advertisement Card and PST Private plans
  • Referral program payments etc.

You can communicate with the support manager using the contacts in your account or via Telegram. You can also use the service’s TG bot to receive important notifications.


This card is best for me. It could not charge extra money for my transactions and also helps me to save money. All the processes are very easy to use.

Agathe Barber

I was just surprised from this card’s features, and the most loving part is it doesn’t require any paperwork. Just wow!

Amalla Carter

I have been using the service for more than 3 months, I am very satisfied! Fast card replenishment, user-friendly account interface. Especially, I want to point out the guys from support, they answer any questions very quickly and solve them in a short time!



PST.NET is a modern payment service that solves one of the main pains of most affiliate marketers and media buyers: the lack of reliable tools to pay advertising expenses. PST virtual cards protect users from bans and restrictions related to Risk Payment, as they are properly linked to ad accounts and provide high ad spend. As a result, the PST service can be recommended to anyone working with traffic from FB, Google, TikTok, and other advertising networks.

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