Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2019
Profitov.Partners is an affiliate program that provides affiliates with direct gambling and betting offers for any GEO. The payout models include CPA and CPL. The company accepts only experienced media buyers after a brief interview where you need to confirm your experience. Affiliates are provided with mobile applications and custom-made creatives upon request.
Payment models
Number of offers
Payment methods
Capitalist, WebMoney, BTC, Tether TRC-20, Tether ERC-20
Minimum payout threshold
100 USD

Profitov.Partners affiliate program focuses on the gambling and betting offer verticals and works with direct advertisers. Profitov.Partners invests in their team and partners and is interested in building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with affiliate marketers. All affiliates undergo a brief interview during registration to confirm their marketing experience.

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

Advantages of Profitov.Partners

  • 600+ direct offers
  • Applications for Android and iOS, free of charge
  • Individual terms for trusted affiliates
  • Expert managers
  • High payout rates
  • Prize draws and parties for affiliates
  • Personalized approach to each marketer

Registration and the dashboard

To get started, you need to access the main page of the website, indicate your email, Telegram ID, create a password, and link screenshots with stats to prove your affiliate expertise. After that, you need to wait for your account to be activated by a manager.

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

Be sure to finish setting up your profile in the upper-right corner of the page. There you need to specify your contact data, choose a payment system, and create an API key.

Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard.

Dashboard. In this section, you can check the overall statistics of your campaigns, your balance, and funds on hold. You can also find new offers at the bottom of the page.

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

Offers. This is the section featuring active and live offers. In the offer description, you will find information on the payout model, prohibited traffic sources, KPIs, frequency of payouts, etc. The offer database is updated weekly. Besides, Profitov.Partners are ready to add specific offers upon affiliates’ request.

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

Statistics. Here you can monitor the statistics of your campaigns. It is possible to filter the data by offer, device, browser, GEO, mobile carrier, etc.

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

Payments. In this tab, affiliates can request withdrawals and monitor the transaction status.

News. Here you will find the network’s news. Announcements about parties, new offers, contests, and prize draws appear in this section.

Verticals and offers

Profitov.Partners network specializes in betting and gambling offers. The database encompasses more than 600 offers from direct advertisers. Direct connection with the advertiser and lack of intermediaries make high payout rates possible even for public offers. Trusted affiliates receive access to private offers with even higher rates.

What’s in the offer description?

  • Goal
  • Payout rate
  • GEO
  • Allowed and prohibited traffic sources
  • Hold period
  • Things to consider while choosing an offer

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review

When an offer is deactivated, Profitov.Partners team notifies all affiliates who work with it. To activate an offer, you simply need to choose one and click on the “Request Access” button. Mixed traffic is also accepted upon approval by the affiliate manager. You will also need to divide the traffic into separate flows.

GEO, creatives, and applications

The network accepts traffic from any GEO worldwide. However, Tier-1 countries and Latam have the highest priority.

Affiliates can request free applications for Android and iOS for their campaigns. Moreover, Profitov.Partners team offers the services of their designer to help you with creatives.

Affise tracking solution is employed for conversion tracking on the platform, but you can also integrate the network with other trackers. It is also possible to use Profitov.Partners without a tracker, as detailed statistics are displayed in your dashboard.


The hold period is set by the advertiser and depends on the offer. Therefore, be sure to read the offer description carefully before requesting access.

Payment systems available in Profitov.Partners

  • WebMoney
  • Capitalist
  • Cryptocurrencies

The minimum payout threshold is 100 USD. Trusted affiliates enjoy individual terms and rates, as well as individual payout schedule.


Dedicated managers are always in touch, they are ready to assist you even after hours. Profitov.Partners is willing to accommodate affiliates in their work by optimizing their workflows, providing an app or a creative, solving any issue, etc.

Getting in touch with the support team

  • Go to the main tab of your Dashboard. There you will see a section with the contact data of your dedicated manager.
  • Navigate to the Support tab. Here you can file a ticket describing the issue you want to solve and monitor the status of your request.
  • Via a Telegram chat: @profitovchat
  • Via a direct message in Telegram — CEO Any or Team Lead Elena.

Profitov.Partners Affiliate Network Review


Profitov.Partners is a team of true professionals in the affiliate industry. They offer valuable insights, private offers, and swift resolution of any issue. It is nice to find a network where employees understand you like this, where affiliates feel support and care. This is truly rare in our industry. I definitely recommend working with this network. One can rely on Profitov.Partners.

Mikhail Funk

I have been working with Profitov.Partners for a year, ever since CBDO Any joined the network. I really enjoy our cooperation, Any has built a strong team that managed to help me out even on weekends. As an experienced affiliate, I always choose only those networks where managers are ready to stay in touch the whole week. 

We also arrange calls to solve issues or talk things over from time to time. 

I am very satisfied with my work with Profitov.Partners. Thank you!


Profitov.Partners is a small yet reliable and strong affiliate network that has managed to leverage true expertise. We work in a close-knit team with their managers and get access to great products that can bring us 300% ROI and more. I would also like to note that the managers really listen to your needs and adapt the work accordingly, find new approaches and solutions. With this network, we have managed to reach high results really fast. We definitely plan to carry on with our work!

Bogdan, team leader of media buying, AppHouse

Profitov.Partners is an exemplary affiliate network. From the very beginning, they were able to gather a team of responsible and reliable professionals. They work really fast: they can give us the frequency capping we need the same day we request it; they give advice on the most suitable offers; provide us with PWA and WebView applications; the payouts are always on time; they are even ready to fight the advertiser over our rejected leads =)

And what is also important: they will help with any issue at any time of the day.

Alexander, Head of media buying, MVP.Group


Profitov.Partners is a reliable CPA network created by affiliate marketing professionals. The network provides affiliates with direct and private offers, high payout rates, free applications, and expert support. Only experienced affiliates will be able to join the network, as Profitov.Partners values the high standard of work and quality of traffic.

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