PIN-UP Partners Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2016
PIN-UP Partners is an affiliate program that promotes such well-established brands as PIN-UP Casino and PIN-UP Bet. The company has diverse GEO coverage and expands it presence into the CIS, Asia, and South America. Affiliates get detailed stats per player, REG2DEP 1/3, transparent payouts for delayed leads, local payment systems for faster transactions, regular promotions and unique bonuses for players.
Payout models
CPA, RevShare, RevShare+
Offer verticals
Betting, Gambling, Installations, Casino, Mobile
Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, India, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Canada
Payment systems
QIWI, Interkassa, Capitalist, Perfect Money, YooMoney, Neteller, Skrill, ZaleyCash, UPI, BTC, USDT
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent traffic, incentivized traffic

PIN-UP Partners is an iGaming affiliate program that is acclaimed by affiliate marketers and has won the title of the best gambling affiliate program at the KINZA’21 conference.

PIN-UP Partners Affiliate Program Review

PIN-UP Partners has been on the market since 2016. The brand is actively expanding its presence into the markets of the CIS, Asia, and South America. PIN-UP Partners is a direct advertiser of such brands as PIN-UP Casino and PIN-UP Bet.

Table of contents 

  1. Advantages
  2. Registration
  3. Dashboard
  4. Support
  5. Getting started with PIN-UP Partners
  6. Facts and figures
  7. Testimonials
  8. Conclusion


  • More than 10 converting GEOs with quality localization of promos and a selection of payment solutions and retention tools. The GEOs include Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Canada. 
  • Transparent statistics (cohort analysis, detailed data on the activity of each player that covers the game log and all transactions)
  • Simple registration process via a phone number or email.
  • In-house call-center and support team in 6 countries.
  • Direct offers. 
  • The product that is attractive to both male and female audiences.
  • Local licensing in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
  • Expert account managers who have in-depth knowledge of the product, traffic sources, and features of the platform.
  • Free iOS/Android apps for affiliates.
  • Early payouts upon request.
  • Non-demanding traffic KPIs.
  • Transparent RevShare without hidden and dynamic Admin/Providers fee;
  • Transparent payouts for delayed leads – indefinite waiting time for the first deposit after registration, the rate is fixed to the registration date.
  • Low threshold for the first deposit.
  • Detailed bonus system for players.
  • 4000 slots and more than 50 thousand sports events.
  • Loyalty program for affiliates.


To get access to the PIN-UP Partners offers, you need to create an account on the platform. To do that, specify your name, email, phone number, and messenger ID. A manager will get in touch with you for a short interview, then your account will be activated.

PIN-UP Partners Affiliate Program Review

The approval time for new accounts is under 30 minutes. If you submit your registration form after hours, you will have the interview the next morning.


Once you have registered, you will have access to the PIN-UP Partners affiliate dashboard and its features. The main page holds the general statistics for the past day. On your right — the program’s news and updates, on your left — the navigation menu with all the tabs.

PIN-UP Partners Affiliate Program Review

On top of the menu, you will see your balance, below — the manager’s contacts and your referral balance. 


In this section, you will find the ready-made promo materials and URLs for your ad campaigns.

PIN-UP Partners Affiliate Program Review

The creatives are localized into Spanish, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, Kazakh, and Hindi. On the platform, there are also landers and banners of various formats. You can request a custom-made promo by contacting your dedicated manager. 


Here you can access optimized mobile applications for Android and iOS. To access an app, reach out to your dedicated manager. 

The approval time usually takes 2–3 hours. 


In your PIN-UP Partners dashboard, you will find detailed statistics of your ad campaigns.


There are three analysis options on the platform:

  • general statistics
  • cohort analysis
  • statistics per player


Besides, affiliates can request any additional details from the product platforms. You can check the player statistics up to the game log and the exact bets.

General statistics

It is a basic tool for traffic analysis. With these charts, you can track date, traffic volume: total volume and unique players, number of registrations, repeat deposits, in-game activity, the amount of bets and winnings, the deposited amount, and the earnings of the affiliate depending on the tariff. 

You can sort the data by hour, day, week, month, year, total volume. Additionally, you can check the figures in the context of GEO, tariff, flow, subaccount.

Cohort analysis

This report is useful for an in-depth study of traffic. It allows you to view the statistics for a specific period, grouping, as well as the registration dates or the dates of the first deposit. This allows you to assess the profitability of a specific campaign, or traffic source, depending on a date.

In addition to the basic indicators, cohort analysis allows you to see the number of active players by day (or other specified parameters) and predict long-term profitability.

Statistics per player

This report allows for analyzing the stats per each player. You can monitor:

  • player’s ID in the affiliate program and with the product
  • player’s GEO
  • traffic flow and subaccounts
  • registration date and the data on the last login to the product
  • player’s balance and in-game tokens

For each player, you can check the statistics of his gaming activity for any specified period. Also, there is information about the last bet, the number of deposits, and the amount of deposits and withdrawals. 

In you go into greater detail, you can check the information about the player’s current status (active or blocked), the date of verification by the call-center, the date of the first login, the date of the first spin or bet, the payment model, and the overall finance statistics.



In this tab, you can request a payout and check your transaction history.

There is also a section with an archive of currency exchange rates that are used for player transactions (the official currency of the platform is dollars).

And the final tab of the finance section is Bonuses. Here you will find bonus transactions and promotions you have taken part in.

Requesting a payout

If you work under the CPA payout model, you will receive payments twice a month upon the check-up (the reporting periods are 1–15 and 16–30/31). In case you can’t pass the KPI threshold in a given reporting period, you will have 15 days to fix the situation. If you fail again, your leads will be paid for under the RevShare model. 

The available payment solutions include Qiwi, YooMoney, Perfect Money, Interkassa, Skrill, Neteller, Capitalist, BTC, USDT, ZaleyCash, and UPI.


The main communication channel between the PIN-UP Partners team and their affiliates are the dedicated chats.

In addition to Telegram, you can use email or tickets on the platform.

Also, you can reach out to the PIN-UP Partners representatives:

  • Kate — Head of affiliates UA
  • KARMA — Head of affiliates EVN

Getting started with PIN-UP Partners

Once you have registered an account, you will get our affiliate link and can run ad campaigns. Once again, you can create an account here.

To receive an affiliate link, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to the “Create new promo” section.
  • Select an offer and a payout model.
  • Select a promo (direct link, landing pages, themed landing pages, banners, videos, or event-specific landing pages);
  • Specify the language and select the traffic source.

You will see a list of available promos, click “Get link” after selecting a promo. 

PIN-UP Partners Affiliate Program Review

Enter the promo name in the next window and add a subaccount, then copy the link with UTM tags.

PIN-UP Partners Affiliate Program Review

You will find all active links in the “My promos” section. 

Facts and figures

PIN-UP Partners ensures transparent and convenient terms for each affiliate, regardless of your traffic volume.


The offers are fully localized for 10 languages: Spanish, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, Kazakh, and Hindi. 

All pre-landers, promos, and creatives are tested before the launch and are vetted by native speakers. Promos for South America take into account the local peculiarities of Portuguese and Spanish. The selection of slots and sports events is individual for each GEO.

CPA rates

CPA is the most popular payout model among affiliate marketers. Reach out to your dedicated manager to access the CPA offers on the PIN-UP Partners platform. The payout rate varies from $20 to $80 per deposit. 

The average payout rates are as follows:

  • Ukraine — $20–50
  • Kazakhstan — $25–60
  • Azerbaijan — $35–70
  • Brazil — $20–50
  • India — $20–60
  • Turkey — $40–70
  • Peru — $35–50
  • Chile — $30–55

The success of your first ad campaign will determine the profitability of your traffic, if it’s high — you can negotiate an individual payout rate.

RevShare rates

RevShare rates in PIN-UP Partners affiliate program are among the highest on the market. There are no hidden commissions — affiliates can calculate the payout using the stats tools in their dashboard.

The RevShare formula is rather simple, there are no hidden fees and deductions: 

Offshore (except RU)

Affiliate's earnings = (((SUMbet SUMwin) 10%*) 10%) × Rs

Offshore (RU) 

Affiliate's earnings = (((SUMbet SUMwin)15%*) 15%) × Rs

The variables:

  • SUMbet — the sum of bet
  • SUNwin — the sum of winnings
  • %* — the percentage of the game provider that is calculated based on the difference between the deposit and the winnings
  • % — the percentage of the payment system based on the amount of deposits
  • Rs — the RevShare percentage (40%).

And here is an example: A player from Russia made 10 deposits $100 each in one month. The total amount of bets is $1000, and the player won $250. The revenue per player for one month:

  • $750 — casino revenue
  • ($1000-$250)×0,15 = $112,5 — commission to the game provider
  • $1000×0.15 = $150 — payment system commission
  • ($750 − $112,5 — $150)×0.40 = $195 — your earnings

This is the way all payouts are calculated, with no exceptions.

Player LTV 

PIN-UP products have good player LTV, so the affiliate program is willing to share their expertise and the approaches that will help create converting promos.

Marketing approaches are analyzed with in-house tools. Thus, the affiliate program can carry out a quality analysis and personalize the promotions and creatives to cater to the users’ taste. This contributes to user satisfaction.

PIN UP is a program that invests in user retention regardless of the GEO. The methods include email, SMS, promotions, contests, and various personalized bonuses. All promotions are developed with the specific GEO in mind. The program does not use blanket promotions for all GEOs at once but prefers higher personalization. 

On social media, you will see themed content, different contests and promotions that engage the players and spur their trust in the product. There is a VIP service and special support for highrollers: exclusive slots, individual bonuses, 24/7 manager, and much more.


Currently, there are more than 600 active affiliates in the PIN-UP Partners affiliate program and more than 6000 in total. The majority of affiliate marketers are satisfied with the partnership and are willing to share their opinion about the affiliate program.

PIN-UP is the offer we love and value. The team is nice, great communication and a high conversion rate. We can solve any issue through a calm discussion. We have been working with this team for a long time. Payouts are the key element is, as always, and this has never been a problem!


We have been working with PIN-UP for more than 3 months. Their product is one of the best in the CIS casino market, payments are on time, all issues can be easily solved through a dedicated manager who always answers without delay. We would like to see more new GEOs that will be accessible for private ad campaigns =)

We would give this program 4.5 out of 5 for the scarcity of in-house apps and the slow introduction of new GEOs.


The PIN-UP team is one of the most reliable, prompt, and competent partners. We have been growing together for 2 years and, given the chance, we would do it again!

Vitaly Roger, owner of the blackyTeam

We have been working with PIN-UP for more than a year. This team creates the best conditions for getting the most out of every GEO they add. Here are some major advantages for us. Firstly, the funnel for the user allows monetizing traffic to its fullest, which is the determining factor when choosing an offer for a particular GEO. Secondly, some affiliate programs with a big selection of offers claim that the traffic does not meet the advertiser’s KPI and you can wait for months and then be rejected altogether. This is why it is always better to work with a direct advertiser, whose managers have the latest info and can tell you when it is necessary to improve the quality. This is why we choose PIN-UP: we know that if the traffic has been approved, it will be paid for. Thirdly, working directly with the product, we can see the detailed statistics per each player in our account, also there is an extremely useful feature — cohort analysis, which helps a lot for further quality improvement. And there is a nice addition in the form of events for affiliates. Every time we see an announcement, we are looking forward to the party to relax and meet with partners who have become our friends during this time!

Toxic Media


PIN-UP Partners is a direct advertiser in the gambling and betting niche. The company is ready to buy high-quality traffic from many top GEOs without any restrictions. Free applications, transparent and simple terms, no deductions, and the support of experienced managers at every step of the way — all this makes PIN-UP Partners an excellent option for traffic monetization.

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