PDL-Profit Affiliate Network Review

PDL-Profit is an affiliate network specializing in the financial vertical and working with CPS and CPL models. PDL-Profit is one of the projects of Trionika company. Operating since September 2019. 

PDL-Profit in figures:

  1. 10,000 new customers every day 
  2. 6 GEO (CIS, Asia, USA, Latin America)
  3. 200+ offers
  4. 1500+ webmasters
  5. Eligible traffic: any non-fraudulent traffic. As with any financial affiliate network, it is forbidden to drive motivated and context traffic. Mass mailing lists are subject to approval.

Despite PDL-Profit being present on the market for less than a year, they have already demonstrated their professional approach and readiness to offer exclusive terms to their affiliates. From September 2019 to January 7, 2020, webmasters got 100% of payments from advertisers, including the commission (20-30%), which usually goes to the network itself. Thanks to this, the network gained its place on the market and gathered a pool of webmasters who stay with PDL-Profit to this day.


PDL-Profit specializes only in finance and is part of the Trionika group.

  1. Trionika is the creator of another affiliate program in the essay niche – Edu-Profit.

  2. Trionika is also a co-organizer of one of the largest SEO & AFFILIATE industry conferences in the CIS region – Sempro Conference.
  3. Trionika has been specializing in attracting and monetizing traffic for 10 years.



What distinguishes PDL-Profit from other financial affiliate networks:

1. 0 days hold

For now this is one of the few CPA networks in the finance/payday loans niche that does not have a hold.

Advertisers are often in no rush to pay CPA networks. PDL-Profit pays its webmasters every day, regardless of the volume of traffic.

2. Customizable offers for webmaster

If a webmaster wants to drive traffic to a specific offer/GEO which is absent from the CPA network – PDL-Profit will promptly add it to the network. The same goes for the technical solutions – they are implemented for the webmaster on request.

3. Technological advantage

  • SmartLink based on machine learning allows you to drive all traffic to a single URL, and the system will direct it to wherever it converts better. 
  • Convenient and intuitive showcase tool. The number of showcases is virtually infinite. Create the one that will convert your traffic best. No more sweating over design and hosting settings. 
  • PDL-Profit offers its affiliates advice on developing and working with mobile applications. 
  • The SV3 monetization system provided by the PDL-Profit team will allow you to get the most out of your traffic.


Payouts are effected on request, submitted in the webmaster’s personal account. Payment is effected on the same day if requested before 12:00 (GMT+2), and on the next day if requested after 12:00 (GMT+2).

Possible withdrawal methods: any card of the Ukrainian bank, private entrepreneur account, WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments, Privat24, Payoneer.

Of course, there are special cases. Special terms may be offered to those who drive big volumes of traffic. 

Where do I drive traffic with PDL-Profit?

Now RU and UA segments convert the best. These are well-developed active markets, and the payday loans industry is “coming out of quarantine”, as may be seen from the growth dynamics of CR and eCPC 

  • eCPC of top UA offers — $0.4-$0.5


    CPC of RU offers is $0.35-$0.4, though Ru traffic has more volume.

For those wishing to enter the niche — PDL-Profit experts recommend taking off with mobile apps or driving Facebook traffic to showcases. 

Straightforward and neat showcases with offer ranking system work equally well for both RU and UA.

KZ is a promising GEO, but as of July 2020, it still needs time to recover from the effects COVID-19. There are also such options as Vietnam and Mexico, though these are better be tackled by webmasters experienced in these GEOs. The mentality of the target audience differs that in the CIS countries, it must also be considered. All these GEOs are available in PDL-Profit, for more information contact the support service @pdl_profit.

Registration in PDL-Profit

  1. You need to submit your contact details on the PDL-Profit website. Manager will contact you for more details about your traffic. After the interview, you will have access to your personal account.

  2. In the offers tab, you can view the pool of offers currently available to you.

  3. Each offer has rules that you should read.
  4. When your traffic source is approved, you will have access to the offer settings.

Done! You have got the URL and now you can attract traffic!


Sergey Lunev,

Webmaster, Co-founder CTO ReadyTop



Being a tech guy, I see several main reasons for working with PDL-Profit: high rates, timely payouts, and a reliable tech system. I didn’t witness a single failure during my entire time with the network. The statistics is transparent and true. They also have many convenient testing tools, which suit virtually any marketing idea. SmartLink, showcase designer tool, convenient post-back generator – everything works perfectly.

E D,

Maanimo — Top Ukrainian SEO team in the PDL niche



Our partnership dates back to the testing stage of the PDL-Profit platform. The guys were responding really quickly to comments and suggestions about the features. Having a lot of experience working with various CPA affiliate programs, we can say with certainty that the interface and features of PDL-Profit are among the most convenient and intuitive. 

During our time with PDL-Profit we have never seen any shaving or infringement on affiliate rights. We are looking forward to the Sempro Conference honest-to-goodness giveaway of Audi Q8)).

Another advantage is – different ways of payout withdrawal. Suggestions: more offers for other GEOs, aside from Ukraine and Russia, as well as exclusive offers for Ukraine.

Vladimir Donskov,

Deputy CMO, Miloan.ua

(advertiser, GEO — Ukraine)


Why do we value PDL-Profit ? We get a lot of high-quality traffic — this alone would be sufficient. But there are other distinctive features that I’d like to point out:

  • Attracting new strong webmasters from other niches/markets to the Ukrainian PDL market.

  • Professional, quick, and honest communication on all working issues.

  • Attention to traffic quality — the network carries out proactive monitoring of webmasters. 

  • Constant development and flexibility — the platform gets more and more new features, becoming even more convenient and effective.

  • PDL-Profit team comes up with new ideas of performance improvement for all market participants.

Keep up the good work and advance our niche further!

Dmitry Petrenko,


(SEO, affiliate marketing)


I had a lot of concerns at the beginning when the network has just been launched. The promises were too good and smooth. As we all know, such perfection doesn’t exist 😅. But in the end, I am glad that my skepticism was misplaced: the have a lot of offers, high rates, and most importantly very speedy payout on request. A proper support system solves all the advertiser issues, which are unavoidable when you drive in bulk. PDL-Profit has everything that should be present in a good affiliate network.

Aleksandr M.,

CCloan affiliate manager

(advertiser, GEO — Ukraine)


We have been working with PDLP for more than six months, and the result is already visible. We noticed good traffic volumes and saw the network’s potential, in just a few days after our integration. I’d like to mention that the network is perfectly automated, and all the necessary tools are available in the personal account, for both the webmaster and the advertiser. We successfully solved many questions during our time with PDLP, and it is important that the team promptly responds and treats every partner with care. The check-ups and invoicing are very swift. It’s difficult to point out any disadvantages. All the issues we had were solved through in productive dialogue.

Bonuses from PDL-Profit

Q8 CHALLENGE contest (until August 31, 2020) — every webmaster who will deliver more than 100 conversion to PDL-Profit will have a chance to win prizes from PDL-Profit, with the grand prize of new AUDI Q8. 

Information about the contest 


PDL-Profit is a new affiliate network that offers webmasters high rates with no hold, along with a customizable tech platform and prompt support that will take care of everything and let the affiliate focus on working with traffic. 

PDL-Profit also holds contests and giveaways where webmasters have a chance to win a variety of prizes.

Register with PDL-Profit and start making money on financial offers now!

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