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moedelo an affiliate program from the online accounting service

“Moe delo” is an online service for independent accounting of entrepreneurs. This brand’s products have become rather popular in Russia in just a couple of years; they are actively used by private entrepreneurs as well as small firms.

Just recently the company has launched its own affiliate program allowing to make money on such services as “Moe delo”, “Moe delo. Accounting”, and “Bureau”.

Characteristics of the affiliate program


Types of offers: finance, accounting

Promotion tools: API, ready-made promo materials.

Payment systems: WebMoney.

Payouts: upon request (a minimum threshold is 3000 rubles).

Affiliate network Moe delo

Features of the system

The affiliate program “Moe delo” allows driving traffic from almost all sources except for spam. The most frequently used traffic sources are paid search advertising, doorway traffic, teaser ads, emails, and traffic from social media.

Normally similar websites are used to promote such products, however, there are no limitations on types of resources or forums. Paid placement on other websites is also allowed.

You can make money in several ways simultaneously: you get paid if you sell the service, and you can also make money on registrations. For every acquired user you can get up to 400-500 rubles.

Advantages for an affiliate

  • Assistance at the start. The team offers training courses on products and sales, and each affiliate is provided with a personal manager.
  • Marketing support. Various promotion tools are given in aid of an affiliate as well as prepared promotions.
  • High income. The share of revenue of the sold product amounts up to 25-60%.
  • Referral program. For every partner at the first grade, you can get 500 rubles and 30 rubles for each partner invited by them, and you also get your remuneration for referral affiliates of the second and third grades.

Registration and working in the affiliate program

You can register on the program website or using the link of another affiliate. The registration process is simple and does not require a confirmation from the company manager.

After registration, you can go to your account on the website and create the link for customer acquisition. You can place it on your website, in a social media community, etc. In the account, there are ready-made promotional materials that you can publish on your web resource. You can create an advertising banner of the suitable size, select its design, and then copy the code for inserting the banner. Your referral link will be built-in in the generated code.

A webmaster can also use ready-made landing pages. You can download them from your account, there are over 5 options to choose from.

The affiliate program from the team of “Moe delo” is a great option for making money. First, you are advertising white branded products; second, thanks to multi-leveledness of the program you will be able to permanently increase your income by means of referral affiliates. Affiliates are given free “perks” and ready-made promotional materials which will help promote goods and generate permanent income.

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