Magic Click Affilate Network Review

Magic Click
Founded in: 2021
Magic Click is an affiliate network working in the gambling vertical. The company has been in the market since 2021 and provides access to direct offers. Payout models: CPL and CPA. The payout rates can reach $28 under the CPL model and $280 under CPA. Magic Click also provides affiliates with full support from tested campaign flow ideas to adding exclusive offers to the database.
Number of offers
Offer verticals
Brazil, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, Finland
Payout models
Payout options
USDT TRC-20, BTC, Capitalist
Minimum payout threshold
Hold period
1 week — 1 month, depending on the offer
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent traffic, incentivized traffic

Magic Click is an affiliate network working in the gambling vertical. The affiliate network has been around for 3 years and accepts traffic from any GEO. The payout rates reach up to $280 depending on the GEO and the chosen payout model. The company focuses on building trusting relationships and win-win cooperation: the Magic Click team is ready to provide affiliates with assistance at all stages of work. Besides, you can increase your passive earnings with their referral program. Invite fellow marketers and get 3% of their profit.

Magic Click Affilate Network Review


  • Direct and exclusive offers
  • Ready-made and custom-made promo materials
  • Android and PWA apps from developers
  • Referral program 3%
  • Regular promotions and contests for affiliates
  • Redistributing traffic on active campaigns within mobile apps
  • API integration

Getting started and the dashboard 

To get started, you need to register an account. In the registration form, provide the following info:

  1. Email
  2. Password
  3. Telegram profile
  4. How you found out about Magic Click

Magic Click Affilate Network Review

Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard.

  • Dashboard. A page with general information about the results of your campaigns (clicks, conversions, CR, payouts), news from the affiliate network, and recommended and top offers. Here you can also check your balance and statistics.Magic Click Affilate Network Review
  • Offers. In this section, you can access all currently available offers, rank them by average performance indicators, as well as monitor the offers you are working with. They can be filtered by availability (pubic, private), GEO, tag (ASO, Betting, CPL, Crypto, Facebook, Gambling, etc.) and goal (CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI).
  • Reports. A tab with statistics on your traffic. Filters by date, stream, offer, country, device, payout model, and other parameters of advertising campaigns are available.Magic Click Affilate Network Review
  • Transactions. The tab contains information about conversions, clicks, and post-backs.
  • Billing. This is where you can check your balance. Also, request a withdrawal and monitor the status of the transactions. Make sure to add a payout system (USDT TRC-20, Capitalist, Bitcoin, WebMoney) before requesting a payout.
  • Tools. A tab where you can configure API and post-backs, as well as check their status.
  • Referrals. A page with information about your referrals. Here you can see their status, registration date, and your commission for the last 30 days.

Offers and traffic sources

Magic Click allows affiliates to monetize gambling offers. At the moment, there are 450 active offers in the database, including exclusive ones. New offers are added weekly, in case of deactivation of the old ones, affiliates are notified via Telegram, as well as through a bot (API access).

You can request a new offer via your dedicated manager. It takes under 24 hours to add a new offer to the platform. The available payout models include CPA and CPL with payout rates up to $28 for the latter. As for the CPA model, you can receive from $15 per Tier-3 lead and up to $280 for Tier-1 GEOs.

Magic Click Affilate Network Review

What traffic sources are accepted at Magic Click? The network accepts almost any kind of traffic. The main sources are:

  • Facebook
  • PPC
  • TikTok
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Push
  • Native

Incentivized and fraudulent traffic is strictly prohibited. If you want to drive mixed traffic, it is crucial that it is divided into different streams for each source.

GEO and tracking

The affiliate network accepts traffic from Brazil, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, and Finland. The company is also actively developing such GEOs as Austria, Germany, Australia, Spain, and Thailand. Magic Click representatives recommend paying attention to Finland and Brazil and such offers as Capitan Cook and Yukon Gold.

What tracking options are available on the platform? The platform collects and displays complete statistics on your traffic, and also allows you to integrate any popular tracking solution. You can also track conversions using post-backs. To configure post-backs, navigate to the “Tools” section.

Magic Click Affilate Network Review


The minimum payout threshold is $10. The minimum amount depends on the offer, and you can check this information in the offer description before activating it. The minimum hold period is 7 days, and the maximum — 1 month.

Which payment services are available in Magic Click? To withdraw money, you can use:

  • USDT TRC-20
  • BTC
  • Capitalist

Remember that Magic Click has a referral program. Affiliates can receive 3% in passive earnings. How it works? You send a referral link to a friend and get a 3% fee of his payouts after he registers with Magic Click. The number of referrals is unlimited. 


After registration, each affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager. The manager will support you every step of the way. You can get up-to-date statistics on offers, and request ready-made or custom creatives and landing pages. What else can you expect from the affiliate manager? Anything from traffic insights to activating post-backs and accessing exclusive offers. The support team is available from 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT +3).

You can contact the affiliate manager via Telegram. Their contact info is in the lower part your dashboard. It’s also a good idea to check out the guidelines from the Magic Click team: it contains basic information on working with the platform. 

We recommend paying attention to the Magic Click Telegram channel. Here you will find relevant information about new offers, payout rate bumps, marketing funnel ideas, and advertiser reviews.

Moreover, the Magic Click team provides affiliate marketers with promo codes for Facebook and Google accounts. In addition, the company regularly (3-4 times a year) holds contests and promotions with cash prizes for affiliates. 


I’ve been working with this network for more than a year, I like everything. I’ve tried a bunch of offers during this time, if you want private offers — it’s the place to be. I like how it is going, currently my volumes have dropped a little, but this is just a temporary slowdown.

Alexander, affiliate marketer

I ventured in affiliate marketing quite a while ago, and I’ve heard a lot about this network from friends. But I didn’t register, since I prefer more time-tested affiliate networks in this vertical. Recently, I started developing my own project and needed many Gambling/Betting offers — I turned to Magic Click. Everything is smooth, there were no delays in payouts. In general, I am satisfied with everything, and will go on working with them.

Traffmastery, affiliate marketer

Thank you guys for the support, quick answers, and cool offers. Affiliate manager Artem is the best. He’s always there for affiliates and takes his job seriously. It’s a rare trait in today’s market. We’ve been with this network since it’s launch, and we’re still happy, even if it’s been a little rough sometimes. Nobody’s perfect.

Gangbang team, media buying team

Quick and efficient support, and dedication from the managers. In case of controversies, they are willing to meet you halfway and fend for your interests. I remember at the beginning, when there was still little profit, they gave me bonuses because they thought that my traffic was okay. And I won the competition 2 times))

Ivan nopass, affiliate marketer

I figured my way into this niche from scratch and without mentors. The affiliate network essentially gave me all I needed and helped with the first launches. I really appreciate this team. In 2 weeks I reached my first profit. I’m learning to scale campaigns now, I hope you can help with this too. 😁

Egor, novice affiliate marketer


Magic Click is an international affiliate network working in the gambling vertical. On this platform, affiliates will find all the tools necessary for a quick and easy start. Before the launch, you can get all the relevant info and up-to-date statistics from your dedicated manager, as well as request custom-made promos later. This team works in close contact with app developers and can also give you Android and PWA applications. And remember that the Magic Click team is made up of experienced marketers who know all the ropes of the gambling niche and can provide you with top-notch advice.

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