LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2011
LeadsMarket is a Finance affiliate program with white-hat offers for the US and UK markets. The program accepts traffic under the with Revenue share model, with leads selling up to 260 USD per lead. Affiliates are provided with creatives, templates for mobile apps and emails. There is also such an option as custom-made websites.
Number of offers
3 (direct)
the USA (except New York State), the UK
Payment models
Payment systems
Bank Transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo, WebMoney, USDT
Minimum payout threshold
100 USD
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic, fraudulent traffic, bot traffic

Table of contents 

  1. Advantages
  2. Registration
  3. Dashboard
  4. LeadBrain, in-house software
  5. Offers and traffic
  6. GEO and tracking
  7. Payouts and hold
  8. Support
  9. Testimonials
  10. Conclusion

LeadsMarket is an affiliate program that works within the finance vertical. The company has been on the market since 2011 and has 3 direct offers for the US and the UK. The payout per lead can reach 260 USD (RevShare model). One of the advantages is LeadBrain, software based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that allows for better campaign optimization and higher CR. 

LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

The affiliate program provides media buyers with ready-made creatives, JavaScript forms, and much more. Besides, affiliates can get advice about SEO, media buying, and conversion optimization from the company’s in-house experts.


  • Direct offers
  • Ready-made promo materials
  • Templates for mobile applications, emails, etc.
  • Custom-made creatives and websites
  • LeadBrain — AI-based campaign optimization software
  • Weekly payouts
  • Real-time statistics
  • No extra withdrawal fees
  • In-house call centers that help maximize your profits


To get started, you need to access the LeadsMarket website and hit the “Sign up” button. Then indicate:

  • Your name
  • Phone number and company/team name
  • E-mail and a convenient messenger
  • Country, zip code, and address
  • Traffic sources, links to websites (if any).
  • Create a password

Then a LeadsMarket manager will activate your account and get in touch with you. Once you access your dashboard, you can take a short survey about your marketing practices, payment details, etc. This is necessary to fill out your account and determine the best terms for you. 

LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

However, you can skip this step and provide the information manually in your profile.


Your dashboard holds several tabs. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Dashboard. This tab contains general information about your campaigns. You can filter data by period, campaign, and metric.

    LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

  • Offers. Available offers and their description. To access an offer, click the “Create campaign” button, enter a name, and choose a traffic source.

    LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

  • Campaigns. Detailed statistics of your ad campaigns. You can filter by date and period.
  • Reports. Here you will find the reports about your traffic, payouts, and much more. Choose the date or period, sort by offer, campaign, etc. You can check the info online in your dashboard or download a CSV file.

    LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

  • Referrals. Your referral link and information about sub-affiliates and their activities.
  • Support. On this page, you can file a support ticket. The support team is always ready to assist with any issue you may encounter.

    LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

  • Our updates. LeadsMarket news. In this section, LeadsMarket shares information about the platform updates and publishes useful guides and articles.
  • Profile. Your account. Here you can select a payment method, edit personal data, change your password, etc.

LeadBrain, in-house software

LeadsMarket allows affiliates to maximize their profits with LeadBrain technology. This software has been developed by LeadsMarket and is based on AI and machine learning. How exactly does it operate?

  1. You drive traffic to LeadsMarket.
  2. Leads enter the LeadBrain auction.
  3. The software determines the advertiser who is willing to pay the most for your lead.
  4. Said advertiser purchases your lead (a loan request) while you receive a share of its revenue. For a lead to qualify, the user needs to have a decent credit history and to fill out the forms correctly.
  5. The payout rate depends on the lead’s credit history. The better the lead, the higher the payout. This can amount to 260 USD per lead.

Offers and traffic

LeadsMarket works with finance offers. You can choose one that suits you best in your dashboard. What offers are available with LeadsMarket? There are 3 direct offers:

  • Payday Loans US.  According to LeadsMarket statistics, this offer shows the highest CR, since American people are used to taking out loans and rarely have savings. 
  • Payday Loans UK
  • Auto Title Loans US. Loans secured by a car for the USA residents.

LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

Also, note that LeadsMarket works with white-hat offers. This makes sure that you have plenty of traffic sources to choose from and face no bans and pessimization.

You can launch ad campaigns without the assistance of a manager as soon as you log into your account.

These are the traffic sources that are accepted at LeadsMarket:

  • Contextual traffic
  • SEO
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Push
  • Banners
  • Advertising on TV and radio
  • Social networks, etc.

Mixed traffic is also accepted, but it is better to not mix different sources within one campaign.

Incentivized, bot, and fraudulent traffic is prohibited.

GEO and tracking

LeadsMarket works with the USA (except New York State) and the UK. You can always find more information about eligible GEOs in the offer description.

What about conversion tracking? You can:

  • Monitor statistics in your account. The info is updated in real time.
  • Integrate any third-party tracker. To do this, reach out to your dedicated manager.

Payouts and hold

LeadsMarket has weekly Net7 payouts. The funds you earn from Monday to Sunday this week will be transferred the following week. The minimum payout threshold is 100 USD. For international wire transfers — 400 USD.

LeadsMarket works with the following payment systems:

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Payoneer
  • USDT
  • Venmo

LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review

In case you wish to use a different payment method, contact your dedicated manager. LeadsMarket is willing to meet you halfway.


After registration, each affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager. The support team is available from 8 AM to 10 PM (the USA and Europe time). Of course, all urgent matters will be addressed 24/7.  For your convenience, it is better to discuss the hours after the registration.

Your dedicated manager can share their expertise on the most suitable audience, creative approaches, SEO and keywords, connect you with LeadsMarket in-house experts to help you optimize your campaigns and maximize your conversion rate.

To contact the support team, use one of the following options:

  • File a ticket via the “Support” tab.
  • Write an email to your dedicated manager (you will find the email in your dashboard on top of the page).

LeadsMarket also often shares useful and educational content in their blog and in the Publisher University section.

LeadsMarket Affiliate Program Review


I started sending traffic to them 8 months ago. I do email blasts. First few weeks I was making $40 to $100 per day. Over time I gathered a list of people who open and click on this offer and I noticed that some people apply again and again. My affiliate manager told me that consumers come back on average 8 times. This is great because when I promote other offers it is usually once and done. 8 months later I am now making $800 to $1200 per day on email drops.


At first, it was hard to optimize my campaigns because they pay revenue share instead of a flat payout. But I calculated the average payout per lead and was able to optimize my costs to that number. Now I get around 40% ROI from my media spend. My biggest channel is native ads.


I worked with many networks. Sometimes they would not pay me because their advertiser did not pay them. I would argue with them that it is not my fault and that I generated quality leads and should be paid. This is not the case with them because they are advertisers themselves. They are not brokering someone else’s offer. Sometimes they return a few leads because they were bad, but I can see this in my affiliate portal stats. They are very transparent with numbers.


I have been in this vertical for a few years. They are definitely the biggest. I see them at all trade shows. They have been around longer than anyone else. It is simple math: more buyers, higher payout. I tried others and the payout was much lower.


I send an SMS. Most networks don’t want to take SMS traffic. They don’t want to take the risk. I have TCPA opt-ins and can show them but they still don’t accept me. They allowed me to promote their offer with SMS as long as I follow the rules for sending times and honored opt-outs which I do.



LeadsMarket is an affiliate program that works with white-hat finance offers. Media buyers can run traffic from a variety of sources without fearing bans. This program is a great shot for affiliates who wish to explore the market in the United States and Great Britain. LeadsMarket has an expert team, dedicated support, and advanced AI-based tools to get your affiliate game to a new level.

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