LeadGid: an affiliate network with finance offers

Today we are going to talk about a rather well-known finance affiliate network – LeadGid, which is helping banks to effectively use the Internet’s opportunities, and it’s helping affiliate marketers to generate stable high revenues.

This affiliate network appeared in 2012, and since then it has become quite popular between affiliate marketers. The network holds exclusive offers from 30 countries and gives stable and fast remunerations as well as a great support for beginner affiliates.

About LeadGid

Characteristics of LeadGid

Website: leadgid.ru

Types of offers: finance (micro loans, consumer loans, mortgages, credit cards, and business loans).

Promotion tools: affiliate links, SubID, ready promotional materials, etc.

Payment systems: Webmoney.

Payouts: twice a month (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 4000 rubles).

Features of the finance affiliate network

In total there are nearly 270 offers in the affiliate network, but this number is constantly increasing. Mostly traffic from Russia in the field of consumer and micro loans is accepted. However, there are offers with the geographic presence in Europe: Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, and others.

The working principle of the network is standard. Before starting work, you need to register, and then you need to wait for the approval of your request of account activation. Only after that, you will be able to view offers and choose between them.

The affiliate remuneration amount depends on the chosen offer and the quality of the acquired traffic. Advertisers pay for potential customers (users who make target actions on the partner website).

Large banks and financial organizations from Russia and Europe utilize the services of the affiliate network LeadGid. In the network there are top webmasters making over a million rubles a month, therefore the competition is pretty high. However, with the due approach to work, there are no remuneration issues.

Geo of network

Advantages of the affiliate network

  • Elaborated interface. The platform website has been created on the basis of the American tracking platform HasOffers, it is pretty convenient for work and does not require time for training.
  • Quality support of webmasters. Each webmaster is provided with a personal manager who is always ready to help with working on an offer.
  • VIP terms for the best webmasters. If you drive huge volumes of traffic, the system can offer you special remuneration and payout terms, etc.
  • Niche specialization. As a result, only high-profit finance offers appear in the offer catalog.
  • Convenient tools and statistics. There are all instruments for work, detailed statistical information and periodical reporting.
  • Transparent remuneration terms. Webmaster actions and traffic sources which can generate revenues are clearly listed, there is also a detailed guideline for newcomer webmasters and great technical support.

This affiliate network has been working for a long time, therefore you can find various reviews on the Internet. Mostly you can encounter positive reviews. In general, we should say that if you comply with the network’s regulations, you will not have remuneration issues. Therefore, if you are interested in finance offers, you should definitely try working with LeadGid.

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