Insparx Affiliate Program Review

Insparx was founded in 2010 and is a successful top-ten global dating company. Insparx provides marketing services to five dating brands, such as be2 (serious dating), Academic Singles (elite dating), Singles50 (senior dating), and two casual brands: C-Date (casual dating) and New Honey (adventures dating). 

Date of establishment: 2010

Official website:

Verticals: Dating

Offers: 5

Payouts: Bank transfer (Wire), Paxum. Min. payout 100 EUR.

Main GEOs: Europe,  Asia, LATAM

Accepted traffic: all paid traffic sources except incentivized traffic


General notes

Insparx was founded in 2010 and is a successful top-ten global dating company.

Insparx provides marketing services to five dating brands, such as be2 (serious dating), Academic Singles (elite dating), Singles50 (senior dating), and two casual brands: C-Date (casual dating) and New Honey (adventures dating). 

Signing up

Singing up with Insparx is fairly simple. You’ll need to fill in a few forms to submit your application. 

Once you submit the registration form, you’ll be contacted by a manager and your account will be activated. Afterward, you will be able to log into your account and see what’s inside.

And inside you will find a CAKE powered affiliate network interface quite familiar to many of you.

Note: After signing up, you will receive an email with comprehensive info on all things you need to know to get started.

But let us jump to the juicy stuff: offers. 


As previously stated, Insparx is one of Europe’s leading dating services, and its affiliate program provides a selection of offers for you to run in a variety of geos. Let’s see what you are being offered and what you can work with.

Inside the Offers tab, you’ll see all of the available offers.

Essentially, Insparx offers 5 high-quality dating offers with the main model being CPL SOI, with DOI and CPO model in selected geos:

  1. be2 (serious dating),
  2. Academic Singles (elite dating),
  3. Singles50 (senior dating) 
  4. C-Date (casual dating) 
  5. New Honey (adventures casual dating).

The offers are available in a variety of geos with different conditions. So, the sum total is 308 offers, and you can choose which ones to run depending on your traffic and expertise. Affiliates can run as many single campaigns as they like or choose a SmartLink that has all available geos per brand.

Note: Each brand has its own smart link. Also, mobile and desktop traffic can be sent to one SmartLink.

To find out more about the offer, you simply need to click on it and submit a short form letting the system know what kind of traffic you are going to run, and then you’ll be shown the offer card. 

Inside, you’ll see a few tabs, so let’s go over them:

Basic info — all the things you need to know in order to comply with ToS and such, so make sure that you read it well, so your traffic won’t go to waste (check out the caps and not accepted traffic parts). 

Also, you’ll see the available landers and creatives that are ready for you to use and are time-proven promos that you can find in the Creatives tab. You can take a look and see it for yourself. They come in a variety of sizes and formats so you can adapt them for any format that you are running. 

And, of course, tracking. There is a separate tab where you can set all of your tracking links and pixels so that not a single lead gets lost.

There also are Email and Import offer tabs that may be useful for some of you.

Not just a dating affiliate program

Insparx is not just an affiliate program, it is a big team of professionals working on bringing people together. You can see Insparx marketing not only on the web but offline too:

And all of those activities are closely tied up with online marketing and promotion of offers so there is no doubt that the team behind those offers knows what they are doing and are aimed at excellence in their product and its promotion. 

Payouts and support

On the money side of things, Insparx offers its affiliates a wide selection of payment solutions so partners can manage their finances in a convenient way.

Most of the European affiliates can receive payouts via a bank transfer, Paxum payment is also available.

Minimum payout threshold: EUR 100

After registering with Insparx, you will be contacted by your affiliate manager who will help you with all of your questions and issues and is available most of the time.

Affiliate reviews

It’s a huge privilege working with Insparx. They have amazing and high performing offers. An efficient and secure tracking system. Also perfect on-time payments. It’s a fruitful and also friendly partnership. Excellent!

InsparX is an outstanding team of professionals with dedicated support, on-time payments and greatly converting products. We recommend working with them to everyone who has traffic in their geos.

One of the best network I came across. I’ve been working with them for one year. Not a single issue. Support is quick, awesome, best of the kind. Insparx you rocked. 5 stars for everything!!!!!


As someone who’s been in the affiliate marketing scene long before it was trendy, I frequently find myself looking out for money-making opportunities….

This time, my hunting expedition led me to good old online dating. 

To many, it seems that only a small group of super-human affiliates has managed to crack the code…

For those “outsiders” who have suspected that the game is rigged, there may be some truth to it, but not in every case as I have known many outsiders who make lots of money…and I am one such example. And that is why I wanted to mention a lesser-known company that seems to be leveling the playing field for everyone, lucky or not! 

The Insparx affiliate program has three mainstream in-house dating offers — Singles50, AcademicSingles, be2, casual dating brand C-Date, and discreet affairs brand NewHoney. Mobile and desktop campaigns are in 40+ geos across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand with lucrative CPL SOI and CPS payouts. These brands are also backed by TV advertising from what I’ve seen, they sponsor sports events, and they seem to be at every major trade show.



Insparx is an affiliate program for dating professionals who are ready to work with premium offers and monetize their traffic with the help of the expert team at Insparx. Truly popular brands and the expert team can provide affiliates with everything needed to convert European traffic and make money while helping people find love.

New affiliates can mention the password ZorbasMedia and receive a bonus for 10 first sales, and the bonus is quite substantial, it’s 50 EUR per sale, so you can make 500 more from the very beginning!  

Sign up at Insparx and start monetizing your traffic today!

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