getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review

Founded in: 2014
getUNIQ is a balance management and ad management service that allows to access multiple traffic sources from a single account. The company has been around since 2014, and at the moment it provides access to 16 traffic sources from Google Ads and Yandex.Direct to myTarget and TikTok. In addition, you can always connect a new advertising network on request. The minimum deposit equals ₽1200 (approximately 20 USD).
Available networks
Minimum deposit
₽1200 (~20 USD)
Payment options
Cards from the CIS banks, settlement account, deposits from the Admitad, Leads, Click2Money, Lucky.Online, Gidfinance, GuruLeads, LeadGid, Devtek, Rafinad, LIKNOT, Unicom24, Advertise, cpahub, Alfaleads, Omni
Referral program
Up to 25%
Up to 30 days

getUNIQ is a balance management and ad management tool that allows to access multiple traffic sources from a single account. After registration, users can quickly top up their balance on any network: from Facebook to myTarget and Gnezdo. Thanks to getUNIQ, you can quickly switch between different cabinets, analyze the efficiency of your campaigns (the statistics covers 20+ parameters), and save a lot of money on replenishing your accounts with the help of discounts, cashback, and bonuses.

getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review


  • A single interface for different advertising networks
  • Built-in end-to-end analytics for assessing the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Deferred payment
  • Full package of closing documents
  • Affiliate program
  • Advertising with getUNIQ.Agency
  • Regular contests and promotions

Registration and dashboard

To get started, you need to create an account. To do this, you will need to specify an email address and activate the profile by clicking on the verification link mailed to you. Next, come up with a password and specify your phone number. Moreover, you can access the service using an account of any available affiliate network: Admitad, Leads, Click2Money, Lucky.Online, Gidfinance, GuruLeads, LeadGid, Devtek, Rafinad, LIKNOT, Unicom24, Advertise, cpahub, Alfaleads, and Omni.

Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard.

  • Advertising networks. This page contains a list of all traffic sources integrated with the platform. Each card holds a full description of the advertising network and an integration guide.getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review
  • Statistics. A tab with data on your advertising accounts. It displays information on clicks, impressions, and expenses of your campaigns. It also displays the income you have accumulated while using the service.getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review
  • Affiliate program. Registered users can earn money by attracting other customers of getUNIQ. The referral program brings you up to 25% of what your referrals spend on the platform. Before attracting other users, make sure to study the rules of the affiliate program.getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review
  • SMM Autoposting. An additional feature from getUNIQ which is a useful tool for SMM specialists, bloggers, and affiliate marketers working with social networks. Autoposting is available for VKontakte, Instagram, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, and Twitter social networks.getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review

How getUNIQ operates

The process is quite simple: after registration, you top up your account and receive a deposit amount plus a bonus from getUNIQ on the balance. Next, you can choose any of the available advertising networks, transfer the money, and launch ads there.

Besides, getUNIQ brings you end-to-end analytics on the effectiveness of campaigns for all traffic sources you work with. The reports include clicks and impressions, also GEO, gender, age, and user devices. The info on conversions, ROI, ROMI, CPL, CTR and more than 20 parameters are also available. This allows you to analyze your advertising campaigns in a single tab without having to switch accounts.

getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review

In addition, getUNIQ users receive a full package of closing documents. This allows you to compensate for taxes.

getUNIQ partners must comply with both the rules of advertising networks and the service itself. What can sanctions be imposed for?

  1. Non-compliance with the offer agreement.
  2. Violation of the rules of the connected advertising platforms.
  3. Creating ads and campaigns that violate the law.

The first offense will bring you a warning from getUNIQ, and if repeated — your account will be blocked.

For its partners, the service offers an additional service: the creation and management of advertising campaigns by getUNIQ.Agency. And for partners with a turnover of 300,000 rubles per month and higher, this service is free.

Available ad networks

getUNIQ provides worldwide GEO coverage. At the moment, 17 advertising networks are available at the service. The list of traffic sources include:

  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Yandex.Direct
  • myTarget
  • Adgram
  • VK Advertising
  • Google Adwards
  • Yandex.Business
  • Beeline OTM DSP
  • VKontakte Market
  • PornHub
  • Yahoo!
  • Taboola
  • Zeropark
  • Direct/Advert
  • Gnezdo

A fairly large selection of advertising networks makes getUNIQ a tool suitable for the daily work of most affiliates.

Is it possible to add other advertising networks? Sure, to do this, just click on the “Suggest new service to connect” button and apply.

getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review

How can you connect your ad cabinets to getUNIQ? Refer to the FAQ section for detailed instructions. In addition, there is a personalized guide in the card of every traffic source.

getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review

In the near future, the company plans to add Beeline Target SMS, Telegram Ads, as well as channels for e-comm (OZON, etc.).

Payment methods

There are several payment options available to getUNIQ users:

  • bank cards of the CIS financial institutions;
  • payment account
  • transfer from the balance of connected affiliate networks: Admitad, Leads, Click2Money, Lucky.Online, Gidfinance, GuruLeads, LeadGid, Devtek, Rafinad, LIKNOT, Unicom24, Advertise, cpahub, Alfaleads, and Omni.

getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review

The transfer fee depends on the chosen payment method. In addition, some advertising networks may collect VAT. You can find detailed information in the card on the chosen traffic source.

Regular getUNIQ users use the deferred payment feature: it is available to partners who have worked with the platform for at least 3 months. The minimum amount is 1200 rubles, applications are considered individually. The maximum amount of the deferred payment depends on the volume of monthly advertising expenses: for example, with a turnover of 3,000,001 rubles per month, you can get up to 1,500,000 rubles. 

getUNIQ Ad Budget Management Tool Review

The fee depends on the sum, the selected refund period, and the time you have spent working with getUNIQ. Open the “Deferred payment” section in your account for more information. This feature allows you to continue running ads, even if you can’t top up your balance at the moment.

Working with getUNIQ, you can receive cashback and passive income from the referral program. You can withdraw your earnings via WebMoney and ePayments. The minimum payout threshold is ₽1000 which roughly equals 16 USD. You can get withdrawals on the 7th-10th day of the month for the previous billing period (one month).

Tech support

A dedicated manager is assigned to each user of the platform. Your manager will solve any issue that arises when working with getUNIQ. The support team is available daily, from 9 AM to 11 PM (GMT+3). What else can a dedicated manager assist with?

  • Select an ad network
  • Assess the potential budget for efficient promotion
  • Connecting an account from traffic sources
  • Add a new advertising network
  • Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns, etc.

To get in touch with the support team, select one of the following channels: You can use one of the following options:

In addition, you can find helpful information, instructions, news, and answers to frequently asked questions on the company’s website and other channels:


getUNIQ — top up your ad networks from one account. It’s a great time saver, plus it gives you a nice cashback on your ad spend (up to 25%). If your traffic is not white-hat, you can easily run campaigns on Pornhub without any restrictions.

Pavel Kakhovsky

This platform is perfect for working with large budgets. I never use random financial tools without a recommendation from people I trust, but this one has surprised me: it’s not only convenient, but also profitable. The more you spend, the higher the bonus. If you’re dealing with different accounts/clients, there will be halts with payments sooner or later, but with getUNIQ the traffic flow never stops! Hallelujah! Special thanks for the promised payment, which has helped me out like a dozen times already.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Swift tech support
  • They issue all closing documents
  • Promised payment

Stepan Tomilin, M2

It’s a reliable child company from Admitad, they have been on the market for a long time, I have been working with them for 4 years. The bonus is the highest among similar services, if you work by the book and with closing documents. There are, of course, other companies that promise higher bonuses but with no documents, I am not interested in such sordid schemes.

They have grown over time, expanded the list of advertising networks and payment methods. I work only with WM, but maybe someone will find such a wide choice useful, you can almost top up accounts from Mars)). 


This is a platform from a large company (Admitad), with good conditions for topping up accounts in Yandex.Direct or MyTarget and teaser networks such as Recreativ, Gnezdo, Kadam, and MarketGid.

A great tool for affiliate marketing, it’s convenient to send the payouts from an affiliate network directly to ad networks and keep your money flowing.



getUNIQ is a useful tool for affiliate marketers and media buyers that allows you to manage advertising budgets of different ad accounts in one tab. This makes life much easier if you work with multiple ad networks simultaneously. The company strives to provide its users with top-notch service, the best discounts on replenishment of advertising accounts, and anything you might need to boost the efficiency of your ad campaigns.

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