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Dr.Cash: an overview of the affiliate network with pharma offers

Dr.Cash is a popular pharma affiliate network which is primarily oriented in the Russian-speaking traffic. However, the network also accepts traffic from Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, and other countries. The affiliate network was launched in 2016. Aside from the great selection of offers, the system offers quick technical support, round-the-clock call center, and frequent remuneration payments.

General characteristics

Types of offers: nutra, pharma offers.
Promotion tools: API, lead source tracking, SubID, TrafficBack URL, etc.
Payment systems: WebMoney, teaser networks ClickCloud and Oblivki.
Payouts: twice a day (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 3000 rubles).

Features and advantages of the affiliate network

The affiliate network operates on the CPA model. Mostly, offers in the catalog do not have a hold period which is an undoubtable advantage for many affiliates. Cost per lead is fixed and paid in rubles or dollars (for foreign offers). Averaged remuneration is 400-950 rubles or $11-15. Mostly there are nutra offers in health and beauty. Generally, these offers sell goods for sexual vigor, weight loss, creams, elixirs of life, health supplements for joints and eyesight. There are 17 exclusive offers that you won’t find in other affiliate networks. All goods are certified, that is, they are “white”. There is documentation about manufacturers and all conducted inspections. What benefits does the network offer to webmasters?
  • Promotional materials. Landing and pre-landing pages as well as certificates for products are available for download. You can set up pre-landing pages with or without products.
  • Cases. The network regularly makes successful cases publicly available.
  • Great conversion rate. The average approval rate is 40%, the average conversion rate on landing pages is 3%.

Popular offers

We should separately highlight the most popular goods you can drive traffic to:
  • “Lovelace Forte” — a male drug for increasing sexual vigor which is advertised by Dmitry Nagiev himself. In the offer, there is a ready-made landing page with promotional photographs and an advertising video clip.
  • Neoslim – a weight loss product with the Japanese natural component — konjak. In the affiliate network with the product description, reviews and results of clinical testing.
  • Ruble landing pages. This is a real know-how of the network when a product is sold for 1 ruble (if the whole drug round is purchased). Mostly, anti-aging creams and elixirs are offered. The approval rate reaches up to 40% as many customers do not notice the details in small print.
You can find many other profitable offers in the affiliate network. If you’re interested in health and beauty products, then you should definitely try working with Dr.Cash. Webmasters give positive feedback about the network, and generally it has a positive reputation among other affiliate network.
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