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CPAHub: an overview of the affiliate network with financial offers

CPAHub: an overview of the affiliate network with financial offers

The affiliate network CPAHub was launched to the market in 2012. The system proposes working with finance and nutra offers by several models: PPL (pay per lead) and PPC (pay per click). On average, remuneration of affiliates is from 125 to 1500 rubles. The most demanded offers in CPAHub are debit or credit cards, consumer loans and mortgages, and micro loans. The network accepts traffic from Russia, but there are some offers for the traffic from the CIS and Europe.

Brief characteristics of the affiliate network

Types of offers: finance, banking, and nutra offers.
Promotion tools: ready-made promotions, tracking links, etc.
Payment systems: WebMoney, PayPal, and bank transfer.
Payouts: once a month.

Features of the affiliate network

As it was told before, major specialization of the network are various finance offers. They are slightly diversified with online stores, rather large ones, by the way. You can find offers of “M-video” and “Tekhnika dlya tebya” in the catalog. Some offers are constantly participating in various promotions. As a result, the landing conversion rate is significantly increased. The affiliate network has a referral program with a 5% remuneration. You can find it in the list of all offers. To generate a referral link, you will need to create a tracking system in your account. Bids for financial offers are almost the same as in similar finance affiliate networks. In general, the list of offers is rather typical, however, there are some exclusive options. For instance, CPAHub is working with the bank “Ussuri” that you cannot find in other affiliate networks. There is also another interesting offer which is a debit card “Planeta” from Promsvyazbank. Major advantages of the affiliate network for a webmaster are the following:
  • A good variety of promotional materials and tools for work.
  • Regular monthly payments, an opportunity to connect new payment systems.
  • A referral program with a 5% remuneration.

Working with CPAHub

Registration in the network consists of two stages. First, you need to fill in a small questionnaire and specify your email. Then you will receive a letter from a manager asking some more questions. They can ask you to tell about your past working experience and the traffic sources used (it is better to send links to offers you’ve worked with). Based on the obtained information, a manger will decide whether to activate your account or not. But if you’ve provided genuine information, you have nothing to worry about. The list of offers, affiliate codes and various settings will be available in your account. When choosing an offer, you can go through a brief description, information on remuneration volume and conversion goals. All offers are free and available to affiliates of any level. Having chosen a suitable offer, you can set it up on your website. Each offer is provided with the ready-made advertising banners and landing pages. Generally, the reviews on CPAHub are positive: there are no payment issues registered, the list of offers is permanently enhanced, and affiliates are provided with quality promotional materials. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying to work with the affiliate network.
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