CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review

Founded in: 2018
CPA.STORE is a service for renting mobile applications directly from developers. The company checks the apps against quality benchmarks and ensures high quality. In CPA.STORE you can rent WebView applications for Android and iOS for such verticals as gambling, betting, finance, etc.
WW (may vary for specific applications)
Android, iOS
Application type
Traffic sources
Facebook, In-app, TikTok, UAC, etc.
AppsFlyer, FB SDK, in-house tracker
Payment model
CPI, rental rate
Payment options
Minimum deposit

CPA.STORE is a rental platform that provides a wide selection of WebView applications that are sourced directly from developers and are suitable for gambling and betting ad campaigns. This platform allows you to configure and launch ad campaigns in a few clicks. All you need is to pick an app to your liking, set up your preferences, add a link to the offer, and start driving traffic. You pay for installs or according to the chosen rental rate (individual or general).

CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review

For the moment, CPA.STORE website and affiliate dashboard are available only in Russian. The platform will be localized into English in the nearest future, in the meantime we will provide you with detailed guide to the service that facilitates the navigation.

CPA.STORE checks the apps’ quality and ensures:

  • Correct operation
  • Sending standard and customized Push notifications
  • Protection from the unauthorized tweaking of traffic flows
  • The correct connection between offers and applications
  • Protection from fraudulent activities with your traffic


  • Setting up and launching advertising campaigns on the platform
  • Integration of push notifications
  • Personalized push notifications for each offer
  • Unlimited number of threads
  • Detailed statistics for the applications
  • On average, apps “live” for 14 days
  • Applications for all mobile traffic sources (FB, UAC, ASO, TikTok, In-app, etc.)
  • Minimal traffic loss (FB — 0%, In-app — less than 1%)
  • Payment for rent or installations
  • Transfer of Repeat Dep audiences 10+ times during the first campaign launch

Registration and dashboard

To gain access to the platform, users only need to register. To do this, go to the CPA.STORE website and click on the “Регистрация” (Register) button. Then you need to fill out a registration form:

  1. Create a user name
  2. Specify your email
  3. Create a password

CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review

After that, you will receive an email with a link to the Telegram bot CPA.STORE. It will activate your account automatically. Now you have full access to all the features.

CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review

IMPORTANT: new customers receive a 10 USD bonus after creating and activating an account.

Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard.

  • Витрина приложений (All applications). On this page, you can check all the apps available to you. The cards contain such information as vertical, design, traffic sources, age (lifetime), tariff, developer, etc.CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review
  • Мои приложения (My applications). Here you will find the list of apps you are working with. Launch campaigns, share applications, and monitor the performance of your ad campaigns.
  • Менеджер ссылок (URL manager). A page where you can create links or manage existing ones. You need these links to launch ad campaigns within applications (during the campaign set-up, you can create new links as well as select the existing ones). This makes it easier to launch several ad campaigns for the same offer but with a slew of applications.CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review
  • Аналитика (Analytics). This section contains detailed statistics and downloadable reports. You can check the data on campaigns, applications, GEO, traffic sources, deposits, revenue, conversions, etc.CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review
  • Настройки (Settings). A panel for managing personal information and newsletters.
  • Помощь (Support). CPA.STORE has created a detailed guide on working with the platform. Here you can find information about your account, creating links, launching advertising campaigns, topping up your balance, and much more. Make sure you read the guide before diving into traffic flows.

Applications and campaign launch

CPA.STORE offers WebView applications with Push ads for Android and iOS. Upon request, you can get access to the Custom Tabs technology, which accelerates the ads.

Launching a campaign is simple:

  1. Select an application from the database.
  2. Click on the “Добавить в Мои приложения” (Add to My applications) button.
  3. Go to the “Мои приложения” (My applications section and click “Настроить” (Configure).CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review
  4. Enter the name of the campaign.
  5. Choose the preferred mode: with or without TDS.
  6. Add the link (a new one of one from the link manager).CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review
  7. Configure the filters by GEO, applications, devices, SubID, etc. The rules follow the “AND” / “OR” logic here.CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review
  8. Click “Сохранить” (Save).

If you wish, you can add multiple threads to a single advertising campaign. After the launch, all statistics will be displayed in your account.

Another advantage of CPA.STORE is the Smart Saved URL technology, which optimizes the workflow without third-party TDS. In this case, the offer link is sent to and stored on the user’s device. This allows to continue working with the product, even if the mirror sites were banned.

Statistics and traffic losses

You can track the performance of your advertising campaigns in your CPA.STORE account. For this purpose, the platform gathers the following data:

  • Sessions of each user
  • Installations (excluding unique sessions)
  • Registrations and deposits
  • Predicted performance of i2r (installation to registration), r2d (registration to deposit), i2d (installation to deposit), etc.

For your convenience, the apps are integrated with AppsFlyer. Also, some developers add Facebook SDK.

According to CPA.STORE statistics, traffic discrepancies in applications are as follows:

  • Facebook — 0%
  • In-app — 1%

In case of traffic discrepancies with UAC campaigns, CPA.STORE is ready to compensate for the losses with organic traffic, provided that you drive large volumes.


CPA.STORE is ready to provide rental applications that will be a good choice for any GEO. However, their choice of apps is now limited by the developers. Therefore, you can not rent apps for the following GEOs:

  • UAE
  • China
  • Algeria
  • Hong Kong
  • Iran
  • Jordan
  • North Korea
  • Libya
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Tunisia
  • The United States

In the future, the company plans to add applications for the USA. This will happen after internal tests by CPA.STORE experts.

Pricing and payment methods

How much do apps cost in CPA.STORE? The service offers a flexible system of tariffs. You can pay for:

  • Installations.
  • Rent (together with other users).
  • Rent individually (only you will use the application).

CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review

There are no restrictions on the number of daily installations. The cost and available rates depend on the developer, so prices may vary. There is no minimum deposit amount in CPA.STORE. The platform works with Capitalist payment system. To make a deposit, you need to click on the balance icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

CPA.STORE App Rental Service Review


The support team works from 10 AM till 10 PM (GMT+3). Reach out to the support managers with anything regarding the launch and configuration of ad campaigns, the selection of apps, requesting access, working with the platform, etc.

How to contact support? You can use one of the following options:

  1. Online chat in your account
  2. Telegram account


We have ordered a customized app for Facebook at CPA.STORE. It took only 7 days from our request to the release of the application in the Play Market. The app has lived for 18 days and 100k+ installations. Thanks to swift integration of offers into the WebView apps, the inst2reg rate was very high, which boosted our ROI.


  • We are satisfied with the lifetime of apps
  • The design of the applications is relevant and easy on the eye
  • There are no technical issues
  • We appreciate the response time of the support team
  • The apps are reliable, we are still getting traffic from old campaigns. This means that there are no losses even when you stop managing campaigns.
  • Convenient sharing of applications

CPA Today

We work with CPA.STORE app rental. The service is fast and offers high quality. The apps have fresh designs. Another thing we like is that the team is very accommodating towards their customers. Keep up the good work =)

Solo affiliate


CPA.STORE is a useful service for media buying teams or solo affiliates who work with mobile traffic and applications. The service ensures the quality of the apps and allows you to minimize the risk of losses. The campaign launch is easy, you don’t have to negotiate the rental price and terms yourself, and the applications have customizable push notifications — these are big advantages of this platform.

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