Capitalist Online Payment Service Review

Founded in: 2014
Capitalist has been involved in the CPA industry for over 6 years already. The service is integrated with a slew of affiliate programs, networks, and advertisers. Its clients include the likes of Everad,,, Shakes, CityAds, Leadbit, Mobytize, and many more.
Transfer to e-wallets
WebMoney, Yandex.Money, and QIWI
Transfer to bank cards
Visa/MasterCard bank cards in euros, dollars, and rubles
Send and accept wire transfers
Wire transfers (SWIFT and SEPA) from foreign companies

Capitalist has been involved in the CPA industry for over 6 years already. The service is integrated with a slew of affiliate programs, networks, and advertisers. Its clients include the likes of Everad,,, Shakes, CityAds, Leadbit, Mobytize, and many more.

The service allows you to transfer your money to WebMoney, Yandex.Money, and QIWI e-wallets, as well as to Visa/MasterCard bank cards in euros, dollars, and rubles. You can also send and accept wire transfers (SWIFT and SEPA) from foreign companies.

Capitalist also allows you to pay for and renew your hosting and domain, as well as to top up your account on such ad networks as Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct, and MyTarget commission-free and without leaving the platform.

The registration takes a few minutes and is free of charge. During initial registration, you won’t be asked for your passport. To have full access to all the services, however, you will have to verify your account.

When the registration process is complete, you can finally get down to work.

We noticed that this online payment service does its best to accommodate affiliates’ needs and simplify their work as much as possible.

Now, let’s talk about how you can withdraw your money and top up your Capitalist account.

Account top-up Withdrawal
  • Bank transfer (SWIFT/ SEPA)
  • By cash in partners’ offices: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv
  • Internal transfer (between Capitalist accounts)
  • Through virtual currency trading platform Livecoin
  • Crypto wallets (BTC and USDT)
  • Visa/ MasterCard card to a USDT accoun
  • Partner exchange services (Consult the Marketplace section in your personal account)
  • E-wallets (WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money), currency: ₽,€,$
  • Bank cards worldwide (Visa, MasterCard), currency: ₽,€,$
  • An international bank account, currency: €,$
  • Mobile carriers (Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2), currency: ₽
  • Crypto wallets and trading platforms: transfer from a Capitalist account through electronic receipts
  • Partner exchange services (Consult the Marketplace section in your personal account)


Available currencies: Euro, US Dollar, Rouble, BTC, USDT

We consider it a big plus that Capitalist supports BTC and USDT Tether transactions and has been moving into the cryptocurrency space.

We have already mentioned that Capitalist is closely cooperating with affiliate networks, programs, and services. One of the most convenient and reliable payment solutions Capitalist offers is Mass Payments that allows you to transfer money from your Capitalist account to all popular payment systems, e-wallets (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI), Visa/MasterCard bank cards all over the world and other payment services, all in one click.

Affiliate programs and ad networks choose the Mass Payments service for several reasons:

  • fast and easy payouts to webmasters;
  • commission-free Capitalist account top-up;
  • you can make all payments within one account (no need for you to have separate accounts in each payment system and e-wallet platform);
  • convenient terms for the betting/gambling segment: you can send players their winnings to many popular e-wallets, as well as to bank cards worldwide;
  • payroll card projects: mass payments by downloading a table with a list of recipients.

Capitalist also offers high-quality and reliable Internet Acquiring services. Payment acceptance is already available to CPA merchants, including betting, gambling, and physical product networks, as well as financial platforms. The key advantages of Capitalist Internet Acquiring service are working with high-risk businesses, a loyal compliance team and a simple merchant verification system.

Capitalist support team is actually very responsive and swift. If you have run across payment or refund issues, the guys will be there for you. Capitalist can help you track lost payments and offers refund services, which is very important in the affiliate marketing market.

We reached out to a Capitalist representative for a comment on the financial and technical side of affiliate business. 

On February 11, ePayments suspended activity on its customer accounts. In your opinion, is the bell tolling for all online payment services?

When it comes to the online payment system market in general, financial regulators suspend and revoke their licenses all the time. This is standard practice in our business. Most users usually don’t pay any notice to it, as they don’t work with such systems. Licenses are suspended for a variety of reasons such as the inability of some services to adapt to new regulations, violations of KYC/AML policy, and so on.

Are you planning to introduce some special solutions for affiliates?

We have been offering special solutions for affiliates for a long time already. For instance, our Marketplace solution allows affiliates to top up their accounts in major ad networks (i.e. to buy traffic), purchase and withdraw cryptocurrencies to exchange platforms, as well as to pay for all the tools a webmaster needs such as hosting, anti-detect browsers, trackers, proxies, and so on.

Affiliates can also transfer money from their Capitalist account to bank cards all over the world and to a wide range of payment systems and e-wallets, as well as to cash out their funds in our partners’ offices.

Later this February, we are going to launch Capitalist virtual cards, both verified and unverified. All unverified cards will have a certain limit on the amount of money you can have on them, but they can be issued in almost any number. Verified cards will have a limit of 80000 USD/EUR a year and will be issued upon the presentation of a passport and after a customer submits their address information.

How do you validate users’ accounts if they can register on your platform without a passport? How do you ensure account security?

You don’t need a passport to register an account and use certain functionalities. However, to get full access to the system, customers have to verify their account. Our compliance team is in charge of checking the data for validity and whether a customer is included in the sanctions list.

We use a couple of tools within our system to ensure account security:

  • two-factor transaction authorization (SMS, certificate, or pin code confirmation);
  • an in-house payment tracking system that will inform system operators about suspicious transactions and switch them to the manual processing mode;
  • IP-based account access restriction;
  • a personal greeting to protect your account from phishing.

What do you do to escape the fate of ePayments?

First of all, we learn from others’ mistakes, analyze our working mechanisms and adjust them if necessary. Besides, we are big champions of risk diversification. Thanks to our cooperation with major banks and financial institutions, we have every reason to be confident about our future.

If you want to find out more and start using Capitalist, check out their site!

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