Blitz Ads Affiliate Network Review

Blitz Ads
Founded in: 2019
Blitz Ads is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with access to more than 2000 offers within the Diet, CBD, Male Health, Muscle, Skin, Brain, and Blood niches. A considerable GEO coverage that is regularly expanded, convenient payout methods, and a system of bonuses make this affiliate network a good partner for affiliates.
Offer verticals
Diet, CBD, Male Health, Muscle, Skin, Brain, Hair, etc.
Number of offers
Main GEOs
US/CA/AU; DE/AT/CH/LU; FR/UK/NL/BE/NO/DK (ZA and Latam are in development)
Payment models
Payout methods
Wire, USDT, ACH. Minimum payout threshold: $1000
Main traffic sources
Facebook, Google Search Ads, SEO, Native, Email, and other Social Media Traffic
Prohibited traffic sources
Surveys, SMS traffic
Mixed traffic
Not accepted

Table of contents 

  1. Advantages
  2. Registration and Dashboard
  3. Offers
  4. Tracking
  5. Payouts
  6. Support
  7. Testimonials
  8. Conclusion

Blitz Ads is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with access to more than 2000 offers within the Diet, CBD, Male Health, Muscle, Skin, Brain, and Blood niches. Blitz Ads has been on the market since 2019 and the team has ample expertise in the nutra vertical. The network welcomes most traffic sources, except for SMS and surveys.


  1. Extensive GEO coverage: US, CA, FR, DE/AT/CH/LU, UK, AU with more countries like ZA and Latam soon to join. Please note, that such countries as US, DE/CH/AT/LU are a high priority for the moment.
  2. The support team is available 24/7 thanks to geographic diversification and can ensure timely answers.
  3. More than 2000 direct offers.
  4. Weekly updates of the offer database.
  5. In case of any changes, affiliates receive an email notification.
  6. The payout rates are higher than average on the market.
  7. In-house media buying team with vast expertise.
  8. There is an anti-fraud system.
  9. Affiliates are provided with promo materials for some exclusive offers.
  10. Affiliates who drive big volumes of high-quality traffic can get individual terms, bonuses, and access to exclusive offers.

Registration and dashboard

Getting started with Blitz Ads is easy: you need to choose an advertiser’s profile and fill out some traditional forms including your name, company name, email, country, and Skype credentials for contact.

Blitz Ads Affiliate Network Review

Accounts are approved and activated by managers, you will receive an email notification with your credentials. After your account is approved by a manager, you can access the platform’s dashboard.

Blitz Ads Affiliate Network Review

The dashboard holds the main campaign statistics and important data. Other tabs include offers, reports, your account, and system alerts. Let’s take a closer look.


Here you can search for offers filtering by name, payout range, status, ad format, vertical etc.


This tab contains structured information about your traffic flows. There are daily summary, campaign summary, sub-affiliate summary, conversion report, and click report.

Account info

In this section of your dashboard, you can change or update your personal details, provide more information about your company, select payment methods, etc.


This tab allows you to keep track of the news and changes to the platform and your campaigns. Here you will find notifications about campaigns expiration dates, frequency capping, new and paused offers, and more.


Blitz Ads affiliate network has more than 2000 offers from direct advertisers in its database. The database is updated every week, only managers can add new offers to the platform. For some exclusive offers, affiliates are provided with promo materials.

Blitz Ads works with a variety of offer verticals which include Diet, CBD, Male Health, Muscle, Skin, Brain, and Blood niches. The eligible traffic sources depend on the offer, but generally traffic from Google, Facebook, native and email campaigns will be accepted.

Note that you cannot drive mixed, SMS, and survey traffic to Blitz Ads. Make sure to check the offer description before you launch an ad campaign.


Blitz Ads affiliate network offers exclusive bonuses for new affiliates. The bonus amount depends on your monthly revenue, i.e., the actual billable amount confirmed by the advertiser and is only paid for your first month with the network. The bonus amount will be added to the payout and transferred to you according to the schedule.

  • $20,000+ => $600
  • $60, 000+ => $2,000
  • $100,000+ => $4,000
  • $140,000+ => $6,000 
  • $170,000+ => $8,000
  • $200,000+ => $10,000 
  • $300,000+ => $15,000 
  • $400,000+ => $20,000


Blitz Ads affiliate network supports integrations with all tracking solutions. By default, affiliates can work with the CAKE marketing platform that enables reporting and has post-back and iFrame support.

If you need assistance with connecting a tracker to the platform, please reach out to your dedicated manager.


Affiliates get paid weekly and can choose such payout methods as Wire, USDT, or ACH. There is no hold period after the first quality check in this network, so expect no delays. Please note, that the minimum payout threshold is $1000.

Blitz Ads network also offers individual terms and payouts twice a week to trusted affiliates who drive considerable amounts of high-quality traffic.


The support managers are available 24/7 and they will be ready to address any issue affiliates may encounter while running campaigns. Reach out to your dedicated manager to:

  • Request a payout
  • Solve an issue with billing
  • Get advice on campaign set-up and optimization
  • Get a selection of offers that will suit your goals
  • Get more detailed statistics

For your convenience, the network also has info Telegram channels dedicated to Ketogen affiliate program and Prima affiliate program. Check them out as well.


I worked with Blitz since they founded. They have a lot of offers and verticals, their exclusive offer PRIMA&Ketogen really made my year, and it is easy to choose what you want to work with and gain profit, and they always pay in time and have an excellent support team.

Bobby Brain

Their offer is profitable, that’s all I want. And thank you for the timely payment too. 


Working with this network for more then 2 year now , offer is great, Payments are faster, and Affiliate manager is friendly and helpful..

Can say one of the most leading networks in the industry


Very nice for beginner, account manager are very patience and work you out step by step. 


Blitzads is one of my favourite affiliate networks, they have been supportive on creative&lp,  Payment are faster than I expected, AM are very professional.



Blitz Ads is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with access to more than 2000 offers within the Diet, CBD, Male Health, Muscle, Skin, Brain, and Blood niches. The offer database is capable of catering to any taste and need, while the platform has all the tools and features that one needs to run efficient ad campaigns. Dedicated support and timely payouts only add another advantage to this affiliate network with consistent performance.

For the summer 2022, Blitz Ads will introduce a bonus plan, so don’t miss your chance to join this network!

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