Alfaleads: an affiliate program with the best gambling offers

Today we are going to talk about the affiliate program Alfaleads. This affiliate program proposes a variety of large and profitable nutra, gambling, finance, gaming, and other offers. This is an international network with over 83 thousand partners around the world.

Alfaleads is working with CPA, CPL, CPS, CPO, CPI and RevShare models, advertisers pay for deposits, registrations and installs. There is a range of exclusive offers in the catalog, a webmaster is provided with detailed statistics and round-the-clock technical support.


Alfaleads features


Types of offers: gambling, nutra offers, services, finance, games, mobile apps.

Tools: API, real-time statistics, SubID, Smartlink, Postback, domain parking, etc.

Payment systems: WMR and WMZ, withdrawals to a bank card are possible, also there are QIWI and Yandex.Money.

Payouts: 4 times a month (the minimum amount is 2000 rubles).

Advantages of the system

What can Alfaleads provide for a webmaster?

  • Round-the-clock technical support. There is a personal manager in every offer that you can contact on any issue about working in the system.
  • Good remuneration terms. There is a paid goal defined for every offer: a minimum deposit, target CPL or CPI. When working with RevShare, a minimum payment starts from 30%.
  • Convenient statistics and analytics. You can set up collecting data “for yourself”, having selected the necessary information.
  • Exclusive offers. A major feature of the network is a large variety of gambling offers including those that you can’t find in other catalogs. For Russian-speaking traffic, these are well-known “Vulkan”, Admiral, Azino777 and other offers.
  • Individual terms. Verified webmasters may build upon advanced remuneration payments, shortened hold period, participating in promotional campaigns with cool prizes.

Features of the affiliate program

In the program catalog, there is a lot of offers, and each of them has a detailed description and brief statistics. A webmaster can choose an offer depending on remuneration and terms of placement, and then individually set up all statistics.

To begin working with an offer, you need to get a confirmation from an administrator, however, there are some exceptions for verified webmasters.

The system allows using almost all traffic types except for assignment placing services, CashBack and other options violating the legislation of Russia. Besides that, Alfaleads allows using not only websites, but also forums, blogs, social networks, and doorways. A webmaster can select one of the affiliate account types: Bodyclick, VisitWeb, and others.

Review of Alfaleads

Working models

We have already mentioned that the system works with several remuneration models.

CPA is a common remuneration model for certain target actions on a website. This remuneration model is often used in gambling offers, for instance, when a user levels up in a game.

In the Alfaleads catalog, there are also nutra offers with a CPS remuneration model. In this case, a webmaster gets a reward for every new customer who ordered something from a partner and got this order.

Unlike the last model, when you work with the CPO remuneration, you only need the fact of a confirmed order, as a result, the hold period is shorter, and so is remuneration.

The CPI model suggesting remuneration for an install is also quite popular in the system.

There is also a CPL model which means “cost per lead”.

A distinctive feature of the affiliate program is the use of the RevShare model. This specific remuneration model is characterized not by getting a distinct amount of money, but a share of the revenue. It is that model which is used in affiliate programs offered by online casinos or forex companies.

Recently hybrid offers have appeared in the system. In this case, an advertiser pays for the first deposit with the CPA model, and with the RevShare for all the following ones.

Such a variety of working models allows a webmaster with any experience to find the optimum way of making money. And thanks to a competent technical support Alfaleads is one of the best affiliate systems even for beginner affiliates.

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