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Payment services to top up your traffic source account cost-effectively


Last week we discussed various payment services that affiliates use most often. Today we have carried out small research and found out how you can spend $100 on traffic in the most cost-effective manner.

Nota bene: we have $100 (or its equivalent) in cash and don’t have any promo codes. Traffic is bought from PropellerAds. The minimum deposit is $100.

Option 1: Dollar account

You can top-up your ad network accounts through ATM or your bank’s office. If you are transferring money through your bank’s ATM, then no commission will be charged.
When paying for the traffic, the commission will account for $2.79 or $4 depending on a payment option.

As a result, we’ll get traffic for $96 or $97.21.

Option 2: PayPal

If you top up your account through PayPal, PropellerAds won’t charge any commission. However, the PayPal commission for internal transfer can reach up to 4%. You can top up your PayPal account in any way convenient for you depending on your place of residence.
If you already have 100 on your account, then you’ll get traffic for approximately $96.

Option 3: ePayments

The commission accounts for $1. It may seem that the winner is pretty obvious now. However, one does not simply top up their ePayments account. You have to register the transfer of money into your account, which means that you will have to pay a transfer fee. Of course, you can resort to exchange offices. However, they also charge their commission.

If you already have $100 on your account, then you’ll get traffic for $99.

Option 4: American Express card

You can top up your ad network account through an American Express card. However, additional transfer fees can be charged in this case depending on your location and your bank’s commission. As regards PropellerAds, their commission constitutes $3.69.
As a result, you’ll get traffic for $96.31.

All ad networks accept various payment methods, and it will take us forever to consider all these payment options. However, the conclusion will be the same: always keep the commissions in mind, take them into account when drawing up a budget for your campaign and use the most cost-effective payment solutions.

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