Partners.House Push Monetization Platform

16 September 2022
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Partners.House is an international marketing platform that allows for monetization of push traffic from 186 different GEOs and serves more than 250 million clicks every month. The platform focuses exclusively on push subscriptions and provides vast opportunities for website owners who wish to monetize their audience. The company is supported by other products from the same team: ad network Push.House and affiliate network CPA.House.

Partners.House Push Monetization Platform


  • Promo materials are localized to the target language
  • A selection of landing pages on request
  • 100% of ads are delivered to subscribers
  • Advanced real-time statistics
  • Traffic-back system to maximize the performance
  • Dedicated manager for each partner
  • Referral program 3%
  • Real-time statistics


To get started with the platform, whatever your role is (webmaster or an affiliate), you need to hit the “Sign up” button on the main page of the website. Provide the following info in the simple registration form:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Skype or Telegram, for further communication

Partners.House Push Monetization Platform


At this step, you will have access to the dashboard and the main tabs. In order to fully activate the account, you need to confirm the registration via email and contact one of the managers via Telegram. After this, you will have full access to the platform.

Working with Partners.House

You can work with Partners.House as a webmaster or as a media buyer. Let us take a closer look.

For webmasters

Create a site and select RevShare payment model. Accumulate Push subscribers who will be served ads. Receive up to 90% of the cost of the click of Partners.House advertisers. Request a withdrawal once you have more than 50 USD on your account.

If you wish to monetize your site with Partners.House, follow these simple steps.

  1. Register with the platform.
  2. Add the site to the system in the “Sites” tab.
  3. Install the code and the script to the root of your site.
  4. Monitor the statistics and check your earnings.
  5. Withdraw the funds once you have crossed the 50 USD payout threshold.

For media buyers

  1. Register with the platform.
  2. Create a new stream on the platform and select a site from the database. Enter the name of the campaign, and set the minimum and maximum bid (the price of click) and the campaign’s budget. The bids depend on the GEO and device type.
  3. Select one or more landing pages. Add such elements as headline, text, and images and specify the size of the ad.
  4. Set the timing when you wish to have your ads displayed, also you can specify frequency capping for your campaigns.
  5. Optionally, you can add white and black lists of IP and ID addresses to rule out specific placements.
  6. Get the link to drive traffic.
  7. Withdraw the funds once you have crossed the 50 USD payout threshold.


The dashboard has all the tools and features one needs to monetize traffic successfully. Let us take a closer look at the main tabs.

Main panel: here you can monitor the general statistics of your campaigns with a breakdown by country, browser, and platform. Also, here you will see your RevShare earnings and the list of top countries to work with.

Top countries: a separate menu dedicated to the trending GEOs, the info covers the average price of mobile and desktop traffic, and the average income per 1 thousand subscriptions (also divided by mobile and PC).

Partners.House Push Monetization Platform

News: follow the latest news and announcements of the platform here, as well as in the Telegram community chat.

Sites: on this page, webmasters can add new sites for monetization. Partners.House allows for monetization of websites dedicated to any topic.

Statistics: this page covers the statistics in greater detail. You will find the data filters by day, hour, country, platform, browser, etc. If necessary, the reports can be downloaded as an Excel, PDF, or CSV file. More than that, the statistics are updated in real time, so you can assess the campaign performance non-stop.

Partners.House Push Monetization Platform

Finance: here webmasters can order a payout, the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USD.

Support: the platform has a ticket form, as well as a Telegram community and dedicated managers for each partner. You will find the contacts of your manager on top of your dashboard.

Ref. system: in this menu, you will find your referral link and the information on your passive earnings. The platform gives 3% from the income of every invited user.

FAQ: here you will find answers to all frequently asked questions and useful guides on how to make the most out of this platform.

Payment options

You can work with Partners.House under the RevShare model: the default rate is 80% and cannot change depending on the volume of traffic. According to the Partners.House team, RevShare is a better choice than CPL for instance, and it can bring 4 times more revenue for high-quality traffic in a long run. Please note, that there is a 7-day hold period.

Among the payment options, you can pick one of the following:

  • WebMoney
  • Qiwi
  • PayPal
  • ePayments
  • YooMoney
  • Bank cards (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Bitcoin


With Partners.House, every partner is assigned with a dedicated manager who is always in touch and can assist with anything to do with the platform. You can find the contact info (Telegram) of your manager on top of your dashboard. Also, check out the FAQ section which has heaps of useful information, and the support tab where you can post a ticket to the support team.

Besides, pay attention to the official Telegram community, where you can discuss the latest news and affiliate marketing in general.


Partners.House is a push monetization platform that provides both media buyers and webmasters with the tools that allow making the most out of traffic. The team that stands behind Partners.House has diverse experience in affiliate marketing and also runs Push.House ad network and CPA.House affiliate network. The combined expertise of these products makes for commendable results.

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