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On the mobile gaming market

Many affiliates would like to run whitehat campaigns. However, the options here are limited: mobile apps, e-commerce, finance (except cryptocurrencies, binary options, and Forex), educational and HR solutions. Today we will take a look at the current state of the mobile gaming market. This vertical is growing exponentially, which prompts the rise in advertising budgets, part of which we are willing to get.

Dynamics, volumes, growth prospects

In 2018, mobile games accounted for 74% of user spending in mobile app stores. This implies that users are most willing to spend their money on games.

Mobile games bring 51% of the gaming market revenue, and in 2019 this figure may increase up to 60%. This implies that people are ready and have got used to paying through mobile devices.

Mobile games revenue growth (iOS and Android)

The last two years witnessed a remarkable revenue growth in both mature and emerging markets. China, the US, and Japan are the most prominent markets in this regard. Together, they generate 75% of all mobile gaming revenue.

User spending across the regions

What games are market leaders?

Battle Royale games available both on consoles and on mobile platforms are a vivid example that now there is no clear line between mobile and stationary platforms. Such games also show that state-of-the-art mobile devices can be very powerful.

Competitive games dominate the Chinese, South Korean and Japanese markets. Hyper casual games (that offer very simple gameplay), however, are not losing their ground. Due to their simplicity and user-friendliness, they have established a firm presence on the top chart positions.

Top iOS and Google Play Store games across select countries

Candy Crush still remains one of the market leaders. Pokémon GO also maintains its ground thanks to its AR potential and community approach, while HQ Trivia, a new mobile app, has established the genre of live mobile gaming.

Such games as PUBG, Fortnite and Helix Jump have gathered huge databases in only a year and continue to grow.

Top games released before 2018 on all the platforms

Concluding remarks

The mobile gaming market is on the rise, and its rate of growth is expected to increase exponentially. Each game needs traffic, which means that affiliates now have a lot of opportunities to earn money. As we can see, people are spending more and more money on games, and many companies with generous advertising budgets are going to compete for these funds.

This is a whitehat vertical, which implies that you can use virtually all traffic sources to promote mobile games. Even if you have adult traffic, there are games focusing on an adult audience, and we will talk about such games in one of our upcoming articles.

Networks working with gaming: Zorka.Mobi, Yeah.mobi, MobVista, Admitad, Advertise, AdAction Interactive and many more.

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