Running Nutra Offers in Time of Pandemic

1 April 2020
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Running Nutra Offers in Time of Pandemic

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Only those affiliates who have completely isolated themselves from the outside world haven’t heard about the current nutra market drawdown. We need to start thinking about what to do in such circumstances and how to earn if not more than before the pandemic, then at least the same. First things first, though.

Part 1. Diminishing metrics

Before we start, consider whether everything is as bad as they say. My answer would be that the metrics have not slumped that much. As far as Facebook traffic is concerned, the average ROI in March is only 15-20% lower than in February. I think we can all agree that it is not that bad, not to mention that you can actually avoid this drop.

How to maintain your ROI on the same level?

You can’t score a winning campaign without analyzing what it is that prevents you from making money and how you can circumvent these obstacles.

We have identified two key metrics that everyone needs to account for, CR (conversion rate) and approval rate (the percentage of leads you referred that were approved by an affiliate network).

Running Nutra Offers in Time of Pandemic

Part 2. Keeping your ROI as high as possible

Here are a couple of ideas to improve your overall ROI by influencing these metrics.

Increasing your CR

First of all, you should enhance your conversion rate. How can you do that? By making your creatives and campaigns relevant to quarantine and self-isolation measures.

It’s worth noting that some offers are no longer popular among consumers, and so you have to channel your resources to promote other products.

Offer categories that still remain relevant:

1. Weight-loss niche

Weight-loss pills are becoming more and more popular with each day, as they allow you to stay in shape without leaving the house. Send the right message to your audience to convince them to place an order here and now. Try to persuade your target audience that coronavirus doesn’t have to keep them from staying fit even if their local gym is temporarily closed. For example, “Quarantine period is the best time to lose weight..” or “Lose weight during quarantine…”

Running Nutra Offers in Time of Pandemic

2. Joint treatment

This is one of the evergreen niches because joint pain can cause you discomfort whether you are at home or not. As is the case with weight-loss pills, you can mention quarantine in your copies. One of the most common causes of pain in joints is a lack of physical activity, and so people should take care of their joints.

For example, “Quarantine and sedentary lifestyle and affecting your joint health…”

Running Nutra Offers in Time of Pandemic

3. Health

Health offers won’t lose their popularity even in these trying times.

Ad copy example: “It’s important to stay healthy during quarantine…” Fill in the rest depending on your offer.

Here are a few more recommendation on improving your conversion rate:

  1. Use the word “quarantine” to remind people about the scary world outside.
  2. Use coronavirus images in your creatives to increase your CR.  Running Nutra Offers in Time of Pandemic 
  3. Encourage people to stay at home and explain how your product can make their life better.

Increasing your approval rate

So, having learned how to improve your CR in time of the pandemic, let’s move on to enhancing your approval rate, which is not that difficult if you have quality traffic. To secure a decent approval rate, you should stay in touch with your manager and run quality traffic, which will allow you to ask for the guaranteed approval rate.

In its turn, this will enable you to rest assured that your ROI will stay on the same level. There is another option, however. CPL offers. CPL offers allow you to get a fixed sum of money for each valid lead whether it gets approved or not.


If you manage to positively affect your conversion and approval rates, you will be able to go through this crisis successfully, minimize your losses, and secure a decent ROI.

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