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Lead forms. Facebook’s dark horses

The lead form format implies that a user submits a form without going to your landing page. Landing within Facebook, isn’t it great? You don’t have to bother with pre-landings and whitening your landing page. Today we discuss how to work with lead forms, as well as their pros and cons.

How to set up lead forms

First of all, I would recommend you put a lot of effort into copywriting and test various dialogue scripts. It’s definitely worth it.

1. Go to Ads Manager. Click “Create an Ad”;

2. Select “Lead generation”;

3. Name an ad block, insert a link leading to a fan page (this is compulsory) and accept the conditions;

4. Target audience. I would recommend creating a separate campaign for each target audience segment. Сarefully develops the dialogue and the way you will address your user;

5. Placements. I divide them according to ad sets. Select the placement type and create a corresponding ad set;

6. Set up your advertising budget limits;

7. Add an ad name and select a page that will rotate it;

8. Select a nice image, fill in the text form and add a call to action;

9. Create a lead form;

10. Be sure to select your GEO’s language and don’t forget to allow sharing;

11. Adjust your privacy settings. Here you should adhere to Facebook rules and be very careful. Save all the settings;

12. Select your lead form. Now you are ready to start!

Let’s consider the pros and cons of this campaign type


  • You can launch a campaign without a site;
  • If you don’t have enough budget or just don’t want to slowly and laboriously develop pre-landing and landing pages, this is the best option. It will take you about an hour to launch such a campaign, and you will be able to start collecting leads this very day given the right setup;
  • It’s cheap. As a user doesn’t have to go to a website, the lead price is very low.


  • Approve. My approval rating has never exceeded 25%. And securing 25% was actually super cool. This results from the fact that your target audience is not properly “warmed up”. A user can click two buttons without a second thought, as it doesn’t trigger the target audience’s pain points when compared to pre-landings;
  • Not all affiliate programs accept this kind of traffic. If the campaign has been properly set up, then it will put a lot of pressure on the call center;
  • This is labor-intensive. Lead forms can be downloaded as an excel file, and so they should be sorted out manually.

What should be taken into account when working with lead forms

When you are working with lead forms, you should act promptly. The faster a call center contacts a user, the better. To secure the best results, you should contact the user in less than an hour.

For your ad to successfully generate leads and sales, you should make sure that it:

  1. has an immediate value;
  2. can be understood by the target audience;
  3. is shown to THE target audience.

No matter how cool your content or dialogue script is, if you haven’t adjusted the targeting, then it’s highly likely that you will exhaust your budget and join the ranks of those affiliates who think that targeting should be as wide as possible and all the other options are trash.

My life hack: I optimize campaigns for leads. I believe that it performs much better than optimization for clicks.

How to download leads

By default, leads can be downloaded from:

  1. Business Manager;
  2. Ads Manager;
  3. Power Editor.

Leads are downloaded in the .csv format and can be opened in Excel. In Business Manager, you can download leads generated within the specific time period.

Nota bene: if you download leads from Power Editor, and it shows that you have zero, but you are sure that it’s not true, then try to change the time period in the statistics. Change it to the whole time period, and everything will be ok.

The key advantage of such a campaign type is that it can be launched quickly and will yield exceptional results given the appropriate setup. Test various approaches, dialogues, targeting strategies, creatives and so on.

Lead forms are a great way to collect a huge number of leads for little money. But you should be patient.

To Glory!

Author: @schweppes_jin_lime

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