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Using POST/GET requests to effectively automate affiliate tasks

Hi everyone! There are tons of articles and manuals online written on the subject of free traffic and elaborating upon the basic principles of running campaigns without investment. These methods and approaches can be of great use to newbies who want to start driving free traffic, but they are not sufficient when it comes to running huge traffic volumes.

I’m constantly perusing forums and blogs in an effort to find new approaches to driving free traffic and what I have noticed is that some topics are not given due consideration. It’s probably linked to the fact that they are associated with some higher-level aspects of working with free traffic or that it’s technically complicated and cannot be mastered by everybody.

A few years ago, I discovered POST/GET requests. It turned out that they can save you a lot of trouble, as they enable you to multiply the number of messages you can send and increase your touchpoints with your audience.

Today, I’m going to discuss how automating the work with POST/GET requests helped me earn more than $2,000 a month driving traffic from the LiveMe app to a LosPollos Smartlink.

Problems you can come across when using an app as a traffic source

Before mastering POST/GET requests, I worked with the LiveMe streaming app. What I did was basically follow users and wait till they write to me, which would allow me to start sending ad messages.

Hey baby, I like you, write me here *your link*

However, I came across a few problems when working with this traffic source:

  1. A daily limit of 500 users you can follow;
  2. slow work speed;
  3. the third problem was that it is actually an app, which meant that I had to use Android emulator Nox.

The first problem was easy to tackle. The thing is that I could follow a user and then unfollow them right away. There were no limitations imposed on the number of such actions, and a user still saw a notification that some nice-looking girl had followed them.

I couldn’t crack the second and third problems, though. In four hours, I could only follow 5,000 users. It was rather difficult to open multiple emulators at once and monitor all the work processes. The app went down at times, and so I had to restart the emulators. Follow/unfollow macros often failed to hit the right button. I had to relaunch the script, which resulted in me following and unfollowing the same users.

So, I found it difficult to work with the app, and so I had to abandon this promising source of free traffic with a huge target audience and no bans.

How POST/GET requests can change your approach to bulk messaging

All our online actions are actually a chain of POST/GET requests. For instance, you have written a comment and pressed the “Send” button, thus submitting a request to the website server in the form of a URL with certain variables. 

To automate the requests, you should track and then imitate them in ZennoPoster or BAS (more on this in our article on automation software and ZennoPoster for affiliates). Thus, you won’t have to load a new page to leave your comment, as sending a request with new variables will suffice.

These variables may include the post ID, photo ID, the text of your comment, user ID and so on. As it does not create excessive computer/server loads, you send hundreds of such requests per second.

If you wish to learn more about automation and how to work with requests, be sure to visit the ZennoLab forum.

To track POST/GET requests, I recommend using HTTP Debugger Pro.

A new approach to working with the old traffic source

After I discovered POST/GET requests, I decided to test all the apps and sites I had worked with before once again, as it opened up new opportunities for scaling up.

And then I just thought about the app I have discussed above. First of all, I had to find out whether I could track its POST/GET requests.

It’s not that difficult to figure out whether you can track requests in an app or not:

  • open HTTP Debugger Pro;
  • open the Nox emulator;
  • open an app.

It turned out to be possible to track requests in LiveMe, and so I decided to automate all the routine tasks and try using this traffic source once again.

I used ZennoPoster to gather a database comprising several million users who followed popular models and create a template for mass following.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to write a template for sending messages, and so I used a Clickermann script as I had done before. However, it still became much easier for me to work with this app, and in a month I followed and unfollowed more than 2 million users using a single account.

The overall sum on my affiliate network balance turned out to be rather small because the link was not active. However, I managed to earn more than $2,000 in passive income. Taking into account that it was my first time using ZennoPoster to automate routine tasks when working with requests, I was satisfied with these results.


You can start driving free traffic even if you have no budget or experience whatsoever. However, if you want to generate substantial profits (more than $100 a day), you will have to study the technical aspects behind it and learn how to automate your tasks using ZennoPoster or BAS.

Good luck and profitable traffic sources to all of you! If you have some questions left, you can contact me on Telegram: @xxxcpa_chat.

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