How to set up an ad campaign in Yandex.Direct 

12 April 2019
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Yandex.Direct is a popular paid search advertising platform which allows placing advertisements in Yandex search results and on partner websites. Today we’ll talk about how to work with this platform and how to set up an advertising campaign correctly. 

Creating an account and an advertising campaign 

To create your account, go to the website of Yandex.Direct, make up a login and password and specify your contact information. After you register, you will be able to add a new campaign – use the ”Place ads” button. You will be offered to select your country and the type of campaign you want to launch. In most cases, you can place the text graphic advertisements which will be shown at the page with Yandex search results an on partner websites.

Now make up the name of your campaign, its start and finish dates. In the ”Business card” section you should definitely specify your contact information which will be displayed in all ads of your campaign. The information includes your location, address, phone numbers, and contact people. The next stage is the targeting settings, if you want you advertisements to only be shown on particular days and at particular hours. 

How to set up an ad campaign in Yandex.Direct 

You can switch on bid adjustments to increase or decrease cost per click at selected hours. For instance, if the demand peaks before afternoon, it is reasonable to increase bids for traffic at that time.

At the next stage, you need to choose regions where you will show your advertisements. We recommend narrowing geographic targeting to one city or a region, and the wider geographic targeting is good for large organizations with a large customer base all over Russia (ideally, you should run one separate campaign for one region).

By the way, Yandex.Direct allows adjusting cost per click depending on the region. Thanks to this, you can compete with other advertisers more successfully. Now we can go to setting up “Yandex.Metrika” – specify the number of your Yandex.Metrika counter, key conversions, and the average transaction value.

How to set up an ad campaign in Yandex.Direct 


Creating a campaign is only half the battle as after that you need to prepare smart advertisements. They should be interesting to a user and attract their attention. How to create a good advertisement?

  • First of all, you will need to make up a header — this is one line of up to 35 characters. Include your keyword in the header to make sure your ad is shown in search results. It is better to collect keywords in advance as you will have an idea about how many advertisements you need to create and what groups of products/services you are going to promote. In 2017, Yandex has given an opportunity to add the second header of up to 30 characters. Statistically, it helps increase the click-through rate by 5-10%, therefore we suggest some experiments with it.
  • The next stage is writing the text of your advertisements. It should not longer than 81 characters. You necessarily have to include a keyword and the call to action in the advertisement text. It is also useful to include the “attractor” words which attract attention of the audience: “promotion”, “discount till the end of the month”, etc.
  • Add more elements to your advertisement: sitelink extensions, callout extensions, or video supplements. By the way, you can even specify the price for your product in Yandex.Direct.
How to set up an ad campaign in Yandex.Direct 

Keywords and negative keywords 

You don’t have to collect the campaign keywords by yourself — you can delegate it to robots of Yandex. For instance, in Direct there is an option of automated targeting which allows running ads without keywords. Yandex independently analyzes the header and text of your website, and then collects the necessary queries.You can also run ads with keywords that you collect yourself. In Direct, there is an internal instrument for working with keywords that you can use.

Use various match operators. By default, the broad match is applied. This means that non-target users can see an ad who search for a completely different thing.

It is better to set up a match with the strict order of words (via square brackets – []) that will help sort out non-target impressions. You can also use the exact match operator that fixes the form of words.

Negative keywords are important for an advertising campaign. These are words which are sorting out user queries. For instance, if you advertise refurbishment services, but do not install windows, then put this combination in your negative keywords. As a result, users who look for a window installation will not see your advertisements.

How to set up an ad campaign in Yandex.Direct 

Why you should use Yandex.Direct 

With Yandex.Direct you will be able to show your advertisements to the audience of the largest search engine in Russia. Besides, there are some more advantages of using this platform:

  • An opportunity to quickly acquire the target traffic.
  • Efficient advertising expenditures as you only pay for clicks of the target users who visit your website.
  • A quick process of setting up a campaign — on average, it doesn’t take more than 1 hour. 
  • Simple advertisement management in the account.
  • Flexible targeting settings.

And finally, we would like to remind you about some major things when working with Yandex.Direct:

  • Don’t forget to fill in your business card for advertising.
  • Use audience targeting.
  • Specify the number of your Yandex.Metrika counter in campaign settings.
  • Specify queries and negative keywords. 
  • Create smart advertisements and use additional elements.

In general, mastering Yandex.Direct is simple: at first, you may have some issues, but in most cases, you can resolve them yourself.

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