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How to run ads on Reddit: Beginner’s Guide

One of the most popular Q&A websites, Reddit attracts an estimated 1.4 billion visitors a month. Reddit is often called the front page of the Internet, so there’ definitely something to think about.

Besides, Reddit is a very user-friendly environment and it is no doubt that you should consider running your ads on this platform. However, there’s one unwritten rule, you need to be a Redditor and not a marketer. Only then will your ads get a maximum reach.   

Now, let’s take a closer look at the platform’s audience and ad set-up.

Reddit’s audience

According to SimilarWeb, over 50% of Reddit traffic comes from the US.

70% of all Redditors speak English, and 79% belong to the 18-34 age group. 42% have a university degree, while 35% make more than $75000 a year.

When picking up offers, we recommend you settle on those targeted at the USA audience.

Make sure that your offer doesn’t go against Reddit’s advertising guidelines. There is no way you can run ads promoting weapons, products violating the USA’s trade policy, and counterfeit goods. However, it is allowed to promote gambling platforms and apps.

Creating an ad account on Reddit

There are two types of promotion on Reddit:

  • website sidebar banners;
  • promoted user posts.

Banner ads are available only through the sales department, so let’s consider the second promotion type.

You can’t access an ad account from certain countries, so you will probably need to buy a proxy. Go to https://ads.reddit.com/ and press the “Create an Ad” button.

Then, you will need to fill in your account information. State the name of your campaign or offer in the Username field. Fill in all the other fields as you usually do.

After that, submit your payment information. Bear in mind that Reddit operates on a post-payment basis. Now, you can finally get down to buying ads.

There are several ad objectives on Reddit:

  • Traffic;
  • Brand Awareness and Reach;
  • Conversions;
  • App Install;
  • Video Views.

Pick up the ad objective you need and start setting up audience targeting. Reddit offers different ad targeting categories such as locations, interests, subreddits, and device. Let’s consider each of these categories separately.

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Targeting by location allows you to reach your audience in a specific location such as a country or US state. If this setting is left untouched, your ad will be delivered worldwide.

Device targeting

By default, your ads are shown on all platforms. However, you can change the default setting and target audiences that use either desktop or mobile.

Subreddit targeting

Subreddits are subsidiary threads or categories on the Reddit website that are dedicated to a specific topic. Reddit advertisers can target those who have recently interacted with a subreddit or are subscribed to it.

Interest targeting

Targeting by interest allows advertisers to deliver ads to users based on different kinds of content they have engaged with. Here is a list of the current interests you can target with Reddit advertising:

  • animals & pets;
  • art & design;
  • cars;
  • business & finance;
  • news & education;
  • entertainment;
  • gaming;
  • style & fashion;
  • food & drink;
  • family & relationships;
  • healthy living;
  • sports;
  • technology;
  • TV;
  • travel.

You can launch gambling ads but only after manual approve from sales department. 

Campaign budget

The next step is to specify your advertising budget. Reddit’s system works on a CPM model, so don’t forget to set your daily budget. The minimum daily budget is $5. The minimum overall budget is calculated based on a $5+ budget per day.

The minimum CPM bid accounts for $0.5, while the maximum one is $100. Your daily budget can be exceeded by up to 20%. 

Creating an ad & passing moderation

There are two types of promoted posts: link ads and text ads. If your marketing goal is to increase traffic to your website or product landing page, choose Link Post and create an ad. There is a 300-character limit on your ad copy. The size of the image is 1200×628.

You can disable comments if you wish. Then, send your ad to moderation.

Moderation on Reddit takes one working day and is executed manually. If your ad gets rejected, you will receive an email explaining why it happened.


  1. Reddit’s audience is at the same time loyal to ads and picky about them. You must be part of the Reddit community to understand how this audience responds to certain ads. Analyze the ads that are currently running on Reddit and look through the comments. Only then should you launch your first test campaign.
  2. Your ads must be as native as possible and bring value to your audience. Otherwise, your campaigns won’t be effective.
  3. Monitor the trends in the country you’re targeting.
  4. Do not forget to set up a pixel to track the leads correctly.
  5. ads.reddit is unavailable in many countries. Use a proxy server or a VPN.

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