How to make a high converting landing page for CBD offers

20 November 2019
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How to make a high converting landing page for CBD offers

Whether you are looking for a way to boost your conversions, grow your database or simply raise awareness about your product, an effective landing page can have a decisive impact on your marketing efforts. There are two reasons for this:

  • first, on the webmaster’s side, a landing page serves as a transition point from an ad platform to an offer page that you are promoting;
  • second, a landing can convince a potential lead to make a buying decision.

Today, we are going to break down how to design a high CTR landing page for CBD offers, one of the hottest affiliate marketing trends of recent times.

Getting the user hooked

For your landing page to be more attractive and engaging, be sure to use tasteful creatives and convincing calls-to-action. These will help you to hook a visitor and enable you to communicate to them what it is that you want to sell. Creatives often come in the form of visuals. However, make sure that all the images you use are relevant to the product you are promoting. In the case of CBD offers, it is a cannabidiol-based drug that can help you cope with mental disorders caused by work-related stress.

The product must be located in a specific setting familiar to your target audience. For example, let’s consider office workers. Their main pain point appears to be work-related stress.

How to make a high converting landing page for CBD offers

*Try to get your visuals from some open sources. You wouldn’t want to deal with copyright issues.

This approach will enable you to clarify:

  • who your target audience is;
  • what do they do;
  • what their pain points are;
  • how to they deal with them;
  • what results they get.

Crafting the text for your landing page

After the image is imprinted on the user’s consciousness, you can develop the subject further. You will need a catchy introduction that will earn users’ trust. For instance, you can describe some “real person” and narrate their “authentic” story to your audience.

Hi, my name is Jack. I’m 32. I have been working as a manager for quite a while, and so I have long been exposed to occupation-related stress…

What have we accomplished?

  • Hi, my name is… — a standard story of an ordinary citizen. This is such a familiar phrase that many of us expect it will be followed by some interesting narration.
  • Jack — choose a name that is popular in the region you’re working with.
  • I’m 32 — target audience validation.
  • I have been working as a manager for quite a while — like the rest of us, Jack, like the rest of us.
  • And so I have long been exposed to occupation-related stress — the main pain point.

Here it is. We have clearly defined our target audience and assured our readers that they will be able to solve their problems. Of course, you can also use some general texts, as your landing page may also be hit by some random visitors and you have to cater to all tastes. After all, any user can generate a sale and thus a conversion. Then, you will have to explain briefly but convincingly why this text has been written and posted. You can use a standard template and say, “I have decided to share my story with you”, “I want to help people like me” and so on.

Solidarity is what makes people people and it is a highly praised social value. Having clarified the reasons for this publication, you can get to the main point and tell Jack’s story. Here you can finally unleash your imagination, but don’t forget to dwell upon the main pain point and how the problem was finally solved. Otherwise, there will be no point in writing this text, as you won’t get any conversions. After that, the user is redirected to the payment page.


This subject deserves separate detailed consideration. You can’t just put the “Buy here” call-to-action button any place you want to aggressively guide users towards your goal conversion. Be sure to embed a call-to-action natively into your landing page. For example. you can add a link to a phrase or word preceded by “If anyone is interested…”

If anyone is interested, I bought it here (link).

Thus you won’t sound too obtrusive and will reach your marketing goals. Then, you can add some conclusions, spice it up with a joke and wish all the best to your readers. Put a banner at the bottom of your page. Be sure to mimic the style of a web resource you are publishing on to make it look native.

How to make a high converting landing page for CBD offers

Of course, it has been executed in a primitive way, but I hope that you got my point. May the teaser ad experts forgive me.

So, we have described the framework for designing a landing page that you can improve by implementing your own ideas and best practices. We have also dwelled upon one of the landing page samples for driving traffic to CBD offers. Of course, it’s not the best landing ever, but it is still effective and can convert rather well.

Read quality articles, put new ideas to practice and share your own thoughts in the comment section below. Green ROI to you all!

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