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How to link an Instagram account to Facebook

In this article, we’ll tell you how to link an Instagram account to Facebook and why you may need it.

You can link your Facebook page with products, services or brand news to an Instagram profile. Thus, you will double the efficiency of your newsletters and advertising since both social networks have large audiences and it would be silly to neglect them.

Accounts in Facebook and Instagram

Advantages of linking accounts to Facebook

Setting up instant cross-posting and having linked your Instagram and Facebook account, you can automatically post everything that appears in your Instagram account to your Facebook page. The process is completely automated and does not any interference. It allows saving time and not forgetting to duplicate one entry posted in one social network to another one. Admins of related communities and entrepreneurs should not pass up this opportunity.

Of course, you are allowed to manage two separate pages. But in that case, you will need to track their updates and statistics separately. And if you do link your Instagram account to Facebook, you will receive a whole lot of advantages. Let’s focus on the most important ones.

Access to Instagram statistics

You will be able to view weekly statistics on:

  • the number of page subscribers;
  • the dynamics of subscriber count;
  • the number of site visits;
  • the number of users who make certain actions;
  • socio-demographic data on followers and their location;

Statistics on promoted posts allow viewing the number of impressions, the engagement rate of the audience, site visits, and data on the audience who view your posts.


An opportunity to promote your Instagram account

You can post Instagram ads via Facebook without linking accounts. However, in that case, it is a Facebook account that will be shown as the advertiser. Therefore, users will be redirected to the Facebook page if they see your company ad and click on the ad link. And if they are currently on Instagram, they are unlikely to go to another resource without a significant reason especially if they do not have a Facebook account or rarely use this network.

If you link accounts to each other, then all ads set up on Facebook will be posted on behalf of the Instagram account.

Another advantage of linking accounts is that you can post ads directly from the Instagram app. In that case, you will instantly cover two promotion tasks: profile and site visits as well as reaching your audience located nearby a particular address.

An opportunity to respond to comments on Instagram

After your accounts are linked, you will see the special “Instagram” tab in the “Messages” section on Facebook. You will be able to respond to comments of users who visit your Instagram profile via this tab while staying on Facebook.

Besides, you will be able to edit some details of your Instagram account in this tab without the need to go there.

Long story short, there are many advantages. However, a predictable question arises: how to use these opportunities?

Business Facebook Page

How you can link your Instagram account to Facebook

Well, how to link both accounts to each other? There are two ways to do that.

Via Facebook account

For that, you will need to go to page settings, find the appropriate Instagram tab there, select it and press “Enter”, after that you need to type in your Instagram account login and password.

Via Instagram profile

This is very simple. To start with, you need to press “Menu” in the mobile Instagram app. Then choose “Switch to a business account”.

Now, you need the Facebook page to which you want to link your Instagram account. Of course, you will need to type in login and password of the page you are linking your account to.

If everything is correct, the company information — addresses, websites, phone numbers — will be transferred to your account. Besides that, there will be a button for viewing statistics.

A user is to decide which way of linking to use. They both work equally well. After you do all required actions, you can fully exploit all opportunities of both social networks. For instance, you can launch ad campaigns on Instagram via Facebook, etc.

Instagran and Facebook account

Advantages of Instagram and Facebook for business

In the end, let’s say a few words on what benefits an entrepreneur gets if they create accounts on these social networks. In general, social networks have currently embraced a universal presence. It would be irrational to neglect their huge buying audience. Especially when Facebook and Instagram are currently giving powerful tools for brand promotion to entrepreneurs.

For instance, targeted and paid search ads are worth your attention. They are demonstrated to users based on a thorough analysis of their actions, search queries, likes, visited pages, location, age, gender, etc.

Posting information on your company and the services provided, you can accurately reach your targets.

Large corporations have already acknowledged all benefits of managing accounts in social accounts and got themselves virtual offices there. So why not adopt their experience and follow their path?

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