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Google rolls out updates to its Ads Editor

On November 7, Google released Ads Editor version 1.2, which offers some handy updates to improve on campaign type support and multi-account management.

In Editor’s latest version, advertisers will be able to create and edit app engagement ads and Discovery campaigns, a new format that allows you to serve ads on YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover feed.

When it comes to the edit pane, you won’t have to scroll through groups of empty fields anymore, which used to be a somewhat hassling experience. Google has granted Ads Editor users the ability to condense some fields to hide them in the edit pane:

Moreover, Google has also streamlined the process of searching for and fixing similar errors across multiple campaigns or accounts. Having typed “rule” or “violation” in the search bar, you will be shown a list of options. Likewise, if you find a specific error, you can click “Show violations” at the bottom of the screen to see them all.

Another update is that users can now share negative keyword lists across all their accounts in the Shared Library which is located in the left navigation pane of the Editor. By applying these lists to your campaigns, you can rule out search terms that give you unwanted impressions or clicks. 

Google claims that these changes will save you some campaign management time and make your Ads Editor experience more smooth. Anyway, the updates are more than likely to prove to be useful for advertisers running campaigns on Google Ads. 

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