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How to get a brand new BMW car? Formula Everad Contest

Everad, a direct advertiser in the nutra vertical, has raffled off more than 8 cars over the past few years. This year, the network is holding a new contest called Formula Everad and is planning to give away 3 cars. This time, you can win all 3 cars, a guaranteed prize, and a bunch of Apple devices. The only thing you need is luck. Our TOP 200 partners can take part in the first race, and everyone has a chance to win. The prize draw for the first car — BMW 3 — will be held in a month, on June 15. 

Let’s get into details

What cars can you win? 

BMW 3, Audi A5, Range Rover Vogue. 

What else? 

Apple MacBook, AirPods, Apple HomePod, Apple Watch, and the latest iPhone.  

The guaranteed price is an OMEGA watch. 

What is the race schedule? 

This year, the network is holding 3 races, which means that you can win a new car once in two months. 

Race 1: February 21 – June 15 (on this day, Everad celebrates its 8th anniversary). The main prize is BMW 3. 

Race 2: June 16 – September. The main prize is Audi A5. 

Race 3: September – December. The main prize is Range Rover Vogue. 

How can you join the race? 

1. Drive traffic to Everad 

2. Save up Evers (Everad’s in-house currency) that you can get for approved leads. 

For example, 100 leads in Hungary for Arthrolon have been approved. Hungary’s rate – 2, Arthrolon’s rate – 1.5. Evers earned: 100*2*1.5=300. 

You can look up country and offer rates here. 

Your ranking depends on how many Evers you have on your account. To take part in a race for BMW 3, you need to get in TOP 200 (which is no big deal), for an Audi A5 — TOP 100 (this requires more effort on your part but is absolutely doable), for a Range Rover Vogue — TOP 50 (which is a battle for top affiliate marketers and teams, but the prize is worth it). 

4. Before the prize draw, you will have to cash out your Evers. You can cash out Evers divisible by 500 in Race 1, by 1 000 – in Race 2, by 5 000 – in Race 3. During the prize draw, all Evers will be thrown into the lottery drum, and the winner will drive away in a brand new car. The more Evers you have, the more chances you have to win. 

5. The first prize draw will be held online on June 15. To win the race, you will need to join a conference call during the prize draw. Reach out to your manager for more details.

 What if you’re the next winner? 

The first prize draw will be held very soon, and everyone has a chance to win a car! What if it’s you? A brand new BMW car should definitely be yours! Start driving traffic to Everad and win the race! 

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