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07 june 2019 0 comments reading time: 4 minutes

Facebook to launch its cryptocurrency in June

Facebook is reportedly planning to announce its cryptocurrency later this month. Employees working on the project will be allowed to take their salary in the new currency, according to The Information. With the course of time, Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be available to more users, and the company is also planning to introduce ATM-like machines where users will be able to buy FB coins. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

Two years ago the crypto hype stemmed from the novelty of the idea and its prospects, whereas today major industry players are buying up various crypto companies. For instance, Yahoo! purchased crypto exchange Taotao, Google is working on the improved search strategies for information on cryptocurrencies, and Amazon is buying up crypto patents. Moreover, you can top-up your Microsoft account with Bitcoins. So, a Facebook coin seems to be in line with this trend. Which is actually good.

And here’s the reason why: it will soon be clear how Facebook is going to implement its own integrated e-commerce platform, which means that those running Facebook campaigns will get more information on the sales process and the payment stage in particular.

Following the launch of a Facebook coin, cryptocurrencies will eventually turn from something incomprehensible and half mysterious into a routine practice used by millions of people. This implies that cryptocurrencies and crypto offers will only gain momentum.

To clarify how a potential digital dollar will affect cryptocurrencies and crypto offers, we turned to Max Gor of AIVIX, a company specializing in crypto offers:

“From the perspective of buying Facebook ads, this will have a positive effect on those who promote white hat crypto trading, as they will be able to advertise signals or training.

Those who run black hat campaigns won’t experience any changes, although there might be some indirect shifts. For instance, users will see more crypto-related information in their Facebook feed.”

Sasha Zuev
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