Facebook to launch a new WhatsApp ad format

24 May 2019
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Facebook to launch a new WhatsApp ad format

We have already reported on WhatsApp updates Facebook is planning to introduce. However, apart from adding a Product Catalog feature and establishing a payment service on the WhatsApp platform, Facebook is going to launch a new ad format. As it has been announced, WhatsApp will get in-app ads via a Status (Stories) feature in 2020.

At the yearly Facebook Marketing Summit, the company said it was planning to launch ads in WhatsApp Stories in 2020. Matt Navarra, Ex-Director of Social Media at TNB, mentioned this in his Twitter account. He also stated that WhatsApp Business would get more messaging format options. For instance, it will soon be possible to send images and PDF documents via WhatsApp Business. Facebook has not yet published an official statement on the specifics of the updates.

It is already clear that there will be more ads in WhatsApp next year. On the one hand, it may provoke discontent among the users. On the other hand, a new ad format will enable affiliates to drive larger traffic volumes and improve campaign performance. We will keep you updated on all changes affecting Facebook and its subsidiaries, including WhatsApp.

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