Rumble in the Jungle. ClickDealer Party.

Sing sing theater. Sukhumvit 45 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok
04 december 2019
ClickDealer has put together a lot of wild parties over the years, but this time they are taking it literally. The next party, in collaboration with ZorbasMedia and DatsPush, is taking place on the first day of Affiliate World Asia 2019 in Bangkok’s famous Sing Sing Theater, and it’s going to be a night for the ages. Get ready for Rumble in the Jungle!
Event details

On the 4th of December, palm trees will part to reveal an exotic feast that will awaken the deepest most primal parts of your nature. This party is going to make enough noise to send tigers into hiding, and overload your senses with the boundless pleasures the wild jungle has to offer. This won’t be a wholesome Jungle Book sing-along adventure with princeses and stuff. They are going full Aztec on this one:

What to expect: 

– Cocktails from a witch doctor to stir  and guide your primal spirit

– Exotic beauties ready to entertain

– Fire sets from local DJs, flaming shots, and lots of fire in general (fire safety is a must though- Ed.) 

– Lounge with a fortune teller predicting your next killer campaign

– Fighting ring with warriors putting on a show, so the spirits of the jungle are satisfied with their bloody offerings


Rumble in the Jungle is set to go straight to the history books, so if you want a taste of the wild, you need to claim your spot faster than a jaguar. Hesitate and you lose your place under the sun – it’s the law of the jungle. Leave your mark in the bark right away and get ready to run wild!

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