A party brought to you by ClickDealer and ZorbasMedia

Barcelona, Spain
09 july 2019
The party will be held on July 9 in La Terrrazza, one of the fanciest clubs in Barcelona. Expect the most dazzling night of your life. Everything will be radiating with light. By the way, you are supposed to dress up in white.
Event details

ZorbasMedia is going to Barcelona to engage in productive work and have a great time in the company of our colleagues and friends.

This year we are co-sponsoring the coolest party held during the AWE conference in Barcelona — White Light Night Party. It is organized by ClickDealer and the party is going to be as grand as the company throwing it.

You should go to this party for the same reason you attend the AWE conference: everyone will be there. Créme de la créme, so to say. If you don’t want to have a chance to talk with top market players and CEOs of the world’s leading companies, then how have you got involved in affiliate marketing in the first place?

Expect the most dazzling night of your life. Fluorescent drinks, glowing girls and, most importantly, memories so bright they will eclipse everything else for a couple of weeks ahead.

The party will be held in La Terrrazza on July 9 and last from 9:00 p.m. to 2 a.m.

How to get to this party? This is the question that you should ask yourself right away. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Follow this link to get your invitation.

The party is going to be fabulous. See you in Barcelona!

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