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Editor’s letter 13.05-18.05

Hi everyone! The editor-in-chief is here again. I’d like to update you on the last week’s most interesting events and content.

Let me start with our editorial team. ZorbasMedia editorial team is actually a lot of people passionate about their work. Each day we are writing and rewriting content, shooting and editing videos, creating pictures, doing a voice-over and so on with a single goal in mind: to objectively and comprehensively cover the world of affiliate marketing. I’m consciously using the words “the world of affiliate marketing”, as I believe that such categories as traffic arbitrage or affiliate marketing fail to convey the sheer scope of our activities. Traffic is actually a somewhat bigger and more global phenomenon, and we have set ourselves a goal to comprehensively cover all the aspects pertaining to the traffic market.

Take, for instance, our new interview with Oliver Kenyon, a founder of the largest affiliate community in the world. It may seem that Oliver is not working with traffic directly, but it was very interesting for me to understand why communities are important, how they function and how you can generate income on it. Oliver has recently sold his forum for more than £1,000,000 and described the ins and outs of his business during our interview.

Having touched upon our editorial team, I’d like to draw your attention to our survey and ask you to participate in it. This survey has only three questions and it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete it, but it will render us tremendous assistance. Our goal is to clarify what you’d like to read, watch and listen to. Tell us what you are interested in and what traffic type you work with. In our turn, we will generate more relevant and useful content. We are creating content for people rather than search engines, and this is an integral part of our philosophy. So, your help will be invaluable.

There’s another thing I’d like to tell you about: we have launched columns this week. The first column was written by Sebastian, a German top affiliate. In December, we shot an interview with him, and now he has become our author. In his column, Sebastian shares his personal experience in launching campaigns. His experience is priceless. After all, he has been involved in affiliate marketing for 14 years already. I’ve great plans for these opinion columns. We have already come into agreement with some of the most prominent figures in the industry. You’ll be able to read these columns very soon. I would like to establish a platform within ZorbasMedia where professional affiliates throughout the world will be able to share their experience and thoughts on the market situation.

As regards out articles published this week, the most important one, in my opinion, is dedicated to RTB. Almost everyone involved in affiliate marketing is aware of RTB to a greater or lesser extent, but only a few people understand what this abbreviature actually stands for. However, it’s necessary for all professional affiliates to understand how traffic is bought and sold within RTB platforms. We have found that out and described this process in detail.

I also recommend that you pay attention to news regarding the future of Google ads. The Google Marketing Live conference which has been held recently was marked by a host of announcements directly affecting those driving traffic from Google.

That’s it for today. It seems that I’ve covered the most interesting topics. Wish you all a productive week and sustainable profit.


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