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Editor’s letter

Hello everyone!

Editor-in-chief is reporting on the last week’s most interesting and important events and summarizing the week’s key content. I was pleased to finally return to our editorial office from Minsk. The office was brimming with creative activity last week. This is what I miss the most when I have to work alone on my business trips.

So, what was our jovial, creative team engaged in?

We were working on a video review of CPA Life, one of the major CIS affiliate conferences, for the entire week and have already published some episodes. We will make a comprehensive review of the event for the international affiliate community which will include comments of the conference organizers and key Russian affiliates. Our goal is to familiarize the worldwide community with the opportunities present in the Russian market. There are a lot of talented and truly major affiliates in Russia. Each CPA Life conference gathers at least 2,000 people, and the vast majority of them are affiliates, which is a great boost for any business.

Upon my return to the office, I was glad to know that our colleague Stan will attend the international Gaelic WWW Conference which will be held in Ireland on June 17. Stan is going to give a speech on the Russian affiliate community, a topic that we know a lot about and are glad to discuss internationally. Stan, we wish you good luck and don’t forget to knock back a pint of beer to all of us. By saying “to all of us” I mean the entire Russian affiliate community, which is the most vigorous in the world.

I cannot help but mention a short case that we have published recently. It doesn’t boast some really big numbers, but it has a certain logic behind it and shows the train of thought of the author that has only started to explore a new traffic type. We have held a workshop on native ads recently, and this case demonstrates how a person can put their knowledge into practice. Have a look at it, as now is the time to start working with native traffic.

Besides, Facebook is planning to automate ads and introduce video editing tools within the platform. 26.9% of all Android app installs were actually fraudulent, which means that every fourth install is a fraud. We gathered some key numbers pertaining to the scope of the fraudulent traffic issue from the most relevant sources.

So, that’s pretty much it. See you soon! I’m looking forward to the beginning of the next week, which will be even richer in interesting content covering the affiliate world.

Be strong and positive!

Alexis Zorba. Editor-in-chief.

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